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Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Top Ways to Get Jobs in Canada Without PR


Top  process to  obtain Jobs in Canada Without PR

Are you not a Canadian citizen or  for all time  local(PR)?  howere  get to work in Canada and be part of one of the  pworefull economies in the world? You still can! Canada’s  effuctual work permit system allows foreign  agent to fill  many jobs throughout the country. Somewhat 400,000 foreign workers were  problems Canadian work permits in 2019.  

A great deal of in-demand jobs in Canada, such as truck drivers, farmworkers, and trades are filled by  ability workers from overseas through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Other  crrear  that serve Canada’s broader cultural and economic  heed are fill up by international  agent through the International Mobility Program (IMP). These programs are designed to help foreign workers obtain work permits and at the same time, they are used by job providers in Canada to recruit international  skill and fill labor  inaff.   

In this  structure, we look at the top 3 ways to get jobs in Canada without PR (permanent resident) status!     

1. Get a Work Permit: TFWP VS IMP

The first step in the process of workng in Canada as a non-resident is to locat for which work permit you qualify. There are certain foreign workers who don’t need work permits to legally work in Canada but the  only do. If you require to apply for a Canadian work permit there are two broad options: an employer-specific work permit (closed) under the TFWP and an open or closed work permit under the IMP.

A great  share out of in-demand jobs in Canada, such as truck drivers, farmworkers, and trades are  fill up by  ability  agent  from overseas through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Other calling that serve Canada’s broader cultural and economic interests are  fill up by international  agent through the International Mobility Program (IMP). These programs are designed to help foreign workers obtain work permits and at the same time, they are used by job providers in Canada to enlist international talent and fill labor shortages.   

2.  obtain to Know Canada’s Immigration Pilots


The Atlantic exodus Pilot Program (AIPP) and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) were designed for one purpose: attract foreign workers to Canada’s smaller, and less faouse regions, i.e, the four Atlantic  provide and participating communities in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. These regions have labor shortages in  many industries. 

Foreign  agent who manage to secure jobs from participating employers of the Pilots can apply for permanent residency in Canada if they meet the supplementary  suggested of the programs, such as work experience and English or French language proficiency. 


3. 5 Tips to Secure Employment in Canada

1. Canadian Job Sites

We’ve previously talk over the top 5 Canadian job sites to apply for jobs in Canada. The trick is to find jobs that make it clear that international applicants are welcome to apply for the position. More often than not it means that the employer already has a positive LMIA to hire you.

2. Enlist Professional Help

When looking for a job from overseas, you need all the help you can get. A headhunter or employ agency knows more about the Canadian job market than you do, especially if they specialize in foreign recruitment. 

3. Highly Skilled Workers

If you  prosess niche skills in a high-caliber  pestion such as a computer network manufature or software engineering and  creat then you may be  mature for 2-week work permit processing through the Global Talent Stream of the TFWP.

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Your Guide on Jobs and Finding Work in Switzerland



 Your Guide on Jobs and Finding Work in Switzerland

Learning how to  search a job in Switzerland is  between easy and difficult. On one hand, the Swiss job market readily welcomes foreigners, mainly in senior management level positions.  further ,   worshipful for positions is  hard. In such a small country with a honor for a high quality of life, expats from around the globe flock to call Switzerland home, leaving few job vacancies. This coupled with the fact that Switzerland  challenge companies to adequately defend their reasoning for  rent a foreigner over a Swiss native, and you have a job hunt that will feel like a job in itself.

If you are lucky enough to land yourself a job in Switzerland, you can rest easy in the fact that the average Swiss salary is one of the highest in Europe, but so is the amount of work you are expected to put in. Switzerland’s work culture is  sen on and loyal. Working days are Monday to Friday and it is common for  agent to clock in 45–48 hours per week.

 further  searching a job in Switzerland is tough and the hours may seem long, do not let this dissuade you. A importance piese of Switzerland’s workforce is made up for foreign  agent, and Switzerland has many laws in place to protect worker rights. Use this guide to learn about what it is like to work in Switzerland, including information on social security, maternity  beneffet , and working as a self-employed person.

Language  suggested for Swiss Jobs

Switzerland is a country with four national languages: German, Italian, French, and Romansh. Depending on the location and job, employment vacancies can be posted in any one of those four languages. Your CV and cover letter should be submitted in the language in which the job you are applying for is advertised. Even when filling out the application, unless you are asked to use English, it is a good idea to fill out the form in the language in which the application is written.

If you need help translating your documents, or want to prep your language skills for your move, contact InterNations

Tips to Land a Job in Switzerland as a Foreigner

One of the best ways to  obtain a job in Switzerland as a foreigner is to look online. Many companies advertise job vacancies through online platforms as well as their own company websites. It is also not uncommon in Switzerland to send letters of interest even if there are no current openings.

Interview Tips

Switzerland is all about being qualified and prepared; expectations that extend even to the interview process. Before you go in for your interview, be sure to research the company you are applying for. Having some basic knowledge of their mission and work culture will show them the type of prepared, hard-working employee you will be. Your dress for the interview should also be very professional and leaning towards muted colors.

Networking Tips

Networking is a useful method to landing a job in Switzerland. You will find plenty of networking events in all of the major cities and even social groups, such as InterNations, that are focused on making professional connections.

When networking in Switzerland, be sure not to be too  ambition. Switzerland is a more  and it can put people off if you are too aggressive when trying to establish a professional connection. And just as with the interview process: when attending a networking event, dress professionally and lean towards muted colors and business casual.

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5 Best Online Legal Services in 2022


 5 Best Online Legal Services in 2022

1. LegalShield

Why pay bulry lawyer fees when you can  entrance legal  in view to at  budget prices? Even if you did need one, LegalShield offers access to a vast network of specialist attorneys across America. Starting at $29.95, the company’s plans are fairy priced,  culsuilt you get instant support during emergencies and a 60-day money-back guarantee! Full Review

Unlimited access to lawyers

60-day money-back guarantee

Prompt emergency assistance

2. Incfile

The best rated online legal services websites are  famose due to their  budget costs. Incfile has decided to take it up a notch and offer a free business formation package. You will only need to cover the state filing fees! If you are looking for something extra, you can upgrade your package and take  benefit of the extra perks Incfile can offer. Full Review

Free LLC Formation

Free Business Tax Consultation

Incorporation Documents

3. Rocket Lawyer

Create your own legal forms, form a business, or talk to a lawyer—everything you need from a lawyer, at a fraction of the cost! You can try out the best online lawyer services that Rocket Lawyer provides during the free seven-day trial. Full Review

Legal Advice

Business Formation

7-Day Free Trial

4. LegalNature

LegalNature provides customizable online legal contracts for  origanal , landlords, and business owners. In addition, entrepreneurs can take  benefit of the business formation services offered, starting at $40! With a 7-day trial and 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to try out the legal services offered. Full Review

7-Day Free Trial

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Business Formation

5. LawDepot

If you are looking for legal services online and cheap document templates, look no further than LawDepot. Here you’ll be able to create personal and business legal documents or get advice from an attorney. This company is confident in its ability to deliver outstanding service, which is why it offers a legal guarantee of $10,000 that covers any prospective damages. Full Review

150+ legal form templates

Expert assistance available 24/7

$10,000 legal guarantee

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Trace Caller Name, Privacy Details, Location and Address Online

 Trace Caller Name, Privacy Details, Location and Address Online 


Know Privacy Details

Internet is a  bonuse for easy communication, but comes across one serious Privacy  problem. It has become fairly easy to get Personal details, friends, address, father name, mobile number, personal photographs online in India. One never know that even by a phone number, one can easily get to one address, family, friends and location address  immedently in minutes

Its important to know - how your privacy is leaking and how to block them before some-one takes exessive  benefit of same

Below are some of the details - which are there

Know Caller Name & Location 

It has become easy to check Name of Person from the Phone Number he is calling you up by   search the name through Mobile Number or Landline along with the location of caller. Either Install it as Truecaller Android Application or Search it through Website

Simply go to Website -

or and replace 9999999999 with the phone number you looking to search

Punch in phone number, authorize app by login through Social Media - Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus / Linked in / Yahoo and there you are with the caller name and location address. Its estimated that Database of Truecaller has over 100 crore numbers stored in there database along with location

You can search Caller Name & Location of both Landline (mention complete phone number with STD Code) and Mobile Number


Sometimes even Email Id is also mentioned in it, so you can get access to

» Name whom this phone Number belongs to 

» Telecom Circle where the phone is registered including country name

» Sometimes even Email address is also referred and can be obtained


Know SIM Number Registration Location and Service Provider

 in spit having database of more than 2 Billion Numbers across the Globe - All Numbers still can not be found through Truecaller, especially those who for Privacy reasons have mentioned to hide there number from Database (Ofcourse - by doing this they will also not be able to use Truecaller from that number)

You may then have to search through Alternate Way to find :- Service Provider (Airtel / Vodafone / Idea / BSNL / MTNL etc ) and location

Visit this Site - and Punch in the number

It will most likely display Mobile Number Service Provider and location where the Number is Registered

Finding your Personal Family, Friends Details

Who else can be blamed except Facebook for Leaking Privacy Details, it even enable searches by

» Name

» Email address (if the Facebook user enabled searches through Email)

» Phone number too (if the Facebook user enabled searches through Phone number for friends to find him)

One can get and poke in much more privacy by keeping an eye on above and may filter basis location, Employer Name, Current city and even other details too

Like Search for 'Amit Kumar Tata AIG' or 'Amit Kumar Delhi' or even further as 'Amit Kumar Tata AIG Delhi' to shortlist further.

Professional Work Details, Past Experience

Care to get Professional Details - Linkedin is the platform - you can take Paid  attretive  package and may even contact on Linked Connects to connect with there Colleagues.

Get Residence Locality, Age and Other Personal Details

Its there at Government Sites- which though have data of every individual but have not really made more stringency on Privacy.

Visit this Site

You can simply search details basis

» Name 

» Optional Filter basis State, District

Only Punch in the Name (even first name only - if sir name is not available), State and and entire details of all matching names used to come in.

You will  immedently have the locality, Father Name, Election ID Car Details - provided the person has Election Card (in most of the States Database). 

Disclaimer - most of the Voters have there details punched in the state where there Voter ID was made.

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2022 Festivals and Holidays Calendar: अगले साल कब पड़ेंगे होली-नवरात्रि-दिवाली? जानिए 2022 के दिन और डेट

2022 Festivals and Holidays Calendar: अगले साल कब पड़ेंगे होली-नवरात्रि-दिवाली? जानिए 2022 के दिन और डेट

मुख्य बातें

अगले साल 2022 के कैलेंडर पर आइए डालते हैं एक नजर।2022 के हिंदू कैलेंडर के अनुसार त्योहारों की पूरी लिस्ट।कब किस दिन पड़ेगा कौन सा त्योहार और हॉलीडे

2022 Indian Festivals and Holidays Calendar with Dates: भारत अपनी विविधताओं और धर्मों के लिए जाना जाता है जहां हम बहुत सारे त्योहारों का आनंद लेते हैं। चाहे वह मुस्लिम, सिख, हिंदू या ईसाई हो, हर त्योहार को उत्साह के साथ मनाया जाता है। लेकिन त्योहारों की सटीक तारीखें जानना कभी-कभी मुश्किल हो जाता है। इससे छुटकारा पाने के लिए, हम आपके लिए भारतीय कैलेंडर 2022 लाए हैं ताकि सटीक तारीखों को खोजने में की आपकी कोशिश आसान हो सके।

2022 Indian Festivals and Holidays list in Hindi, Complete List of Hindu Festivals 20222022 में कब है कौन सा हिंदू त्योहार मुख्य बातेंअगले साल 2022 के कैलेंडर पर आइए डालते हैं एक नजर।2022 के हिंदू कैलेंडर के अनुसार त्योहारों की पूरी लिस्ट।कब किस दिन पड़ेगा कौन सा त्योहार और हॉलीडे।

2022 Indian Festivals and Holidays Calendar with Dates: भारत अपनी विविधताओं और धर्मों के लिए जाना जाता है जहां हम बहुत सारे त्योहारों का आनंद लेते हैं। चाहे वह मुस्लिम, सिख, हिंदू या ईसाई हो, हर त्योहार को उत्साह के साथ मनाया जाता है। लेकिन त्योहारों की सटीक तारीखें जानना कभी-कभी मुश्किल हो जाता है। इससे छुटकारा पाने के लिए, हम आपके लिए भारतीय कैलेंडर 2022 लाए हैं ताकि सटीक तारीखों को खोजने में की आपकी कोशिश आसान हो सके।

यहां देखिए भारतीय कैलेंडर 2022 - सभी प्रमुख त्योहारों और सरकारी छुट्टियों की एक लिस्ट।

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जनवरी 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (January Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

1 जनवरी, शनिवार - नया साल

13 जनवरी, गुरुवार - लोहड़ी

14 जनवरी, शुक्रवार - पोंगल, उत्तरायण, मकर संक्रांति

23 जनवरी, रविवार - नेता जी सुभाष चंद्र बोस जयंती

26 जनवरी, बुधवार - गणतंत्र दिवस

फरवरी 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (February Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

5 फरवरी 2022 - बसंत पंचमी, सरस्वती पूजा

मार्च 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (March Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

1 मार्च, मंगलवार - महाशिवरात्रि

17 मार्च, गुरुवार - होलिका दहन

18 मार्च, शुक्रवार - होली

अप्रैल 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (April Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

1 अप्रैल, शुक्रवार - बैंक की छुट्टी

2 अप्रैल, शनिवार - चैत्र नवरात्रि आरंभ, गुड़ी पड़वा

3 अप्रैल, रविवार - चेती चांद

10 अप्रैल, रविवार - राम नवमी

11 अप्रैल, सोमवार - चैत्र नवरात्रि पारण

14 अप्रैल, गुरुवार - बैसाखी, अम्बेडकर जयंती

16 अप्रैल, शनिवार - हनुमान जयंती

मई 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (May Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

3 मई मंगलवार - अक्षय तृतीया

जुलाई 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (July Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

1 जुलाई, शुक्रवार - जगन्नाथ रथ यात्रा

10 जुलाई, रविवार - आषाढ़ी एकादशी

13 जुलाई, बुधवार - गुरु पूर्णिमा

31 जुलाई, रविवार - हरियाली तीज

अगस्त 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (August Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

2 अगस्त, मंगलवार - नाग पंचमी

11 अगस्त, गुरुवार - रक्षा बंधन

14 अगस्त, रविवार - कजरी तीज

15 अगस्त, सोमवार - स्वतंत्रता दिवस

19 अगस्त, शुक्रवार - जन्माष्टमी

30 अगस्त, मंगलवार - हरतालिका तीज

31 अगस्त, बुधवार - गणेश चतुर्थी

सितंबर 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (September Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

8 सितंबर, गुरुवार - ओणम/तिरुवोनम

9 सितंबर, शुक्रवार - अनंत चतुर्दशी

26 सितंबर, सोमवार - शरद नवरात्रि

अक्टूबर 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (October Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

2 अक्टूबर, रविवार - गांधी जयंती

3 अक्टूबर, सोमवार - दुर्गा पूजा, अष्टमी

4 अक्टूबर, मंगलवार - दर्गा महा नवमी पूजा, शरद नवरात्रि पारण

5 अक्टूबर, बुधवार - दशहरा

13 अक्टूबर, गुरुवार - करवा चौथ

23 अक्टूबर, रविवार - धनतेरस

24 अक्टूबर, सोमवार - दीवाली, नरक चतुर्दशी

26 अक्टूबर, बुधवार - भाई दूज, गोवर्धन पूजा

30 अक्टूबर, रविवार - छठ पूजा

नवंबर 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (November Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

14 नवंबर, सोमवार - बाल दिवस

दिसंबर 2022 के त्योहार - दिन और तिथि (December Holiday and Festivals Dates 2022)

25 दिसंबर, रविवार - क्रिसमस

अक्सर लोगों को किसी विशेष काम की योजना बनाने के लिए कुछ महीने पहले से ही त्योहार और पर्व की जानकारी और उनकी तिथियां जानने की जरूरत पड़ती है। यहां आप त्योहारों की लिस्ट के साथ उनकी तिथियों पर नजर डाल सकते हैं।

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We Ranked 6 Best Free Dating Apps For Indians 2022

 We Ranked 6 Best Free Dating Apps For Indians 2022

Dating is an anthropological, social coduct, not primarily between Indian people;  therefor, the digital  epoch has given rise to some build best dating apps, and they are not wrong.  it spent in to, there are around 31 million Indian users on  dating apps, and in those, 67 per cent are only men. This makes India the second-largest market for dating apps. In  inclustion , a report published by IndianExpress states that there is a certain amount of surge in the usage of dating from the Tier 2 cities, preliminary because of the pandemic.

So, if you’re one of those humans, who’s looking for the best free dating app for Indian people, then, I guess, you’re at the right place. Let’s get your valentine day  classify.

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 1. Bumble

Rising to fame, Bumble might be my favourite dating app of all time. I  obtain it; you’re coming from Tinder or Happn. However, if you’re fed up with fake profiles and  unnecessary strike, then bumble has got your back. This sweet dating app has a yellow-yellow-give-me-hello vibe, and this might be the best free dating app for Indian folks.

Features I like:

Video calling


Three modes (Date, BFF, Bizz)

Women talk first

2. Hinge

Hinge is another dating app you can try if you want to look for a good match. I am saying this because of personal experience, though, I’m still not a big fan of dating apps, but it is fun sometimes.  human on the hinge are nice; I don’t know why… I also like the UI of the Hinge app; it has its own aesthetic, and it sort of invites you in, and that’s why this app made it to our list of best dating apps for Indians.

Features I like:

A unique user interface

Standouts section for featured profiles

You can like profile pictures and bio.

You can also drop comments on pictures and bios.

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3. Happn

I know you have heard about this app, and now you know that I have used this app as well. Here are my thoughts; from a user point of view, this app is excellent; it gets you connected to the people with who you have `paths. However, after the  prevent , going out has been trouble for everyone, and because of that, Happan put its primary feature on hold; it now works like Tinder. However, this feature is not gone, but somehow the app lost its magic. And that’s why it is in the third number of our best free dating apps for Indian list.

Features I like:

Share your  junstion cluster and get matched to people who you’re not able to notice every day.

A unique timeline feature that lets you find people on a map with whom you have crossed paths.


If you’re serious in life, the aisle is a dating app, probably in your mid-30s or 40s. Though I’m not good at relationship advice, I can drop a sarcastic comment here. The app has a friendly UI, and it certainly looks promising. You can drop a comment on the bio, story, or picture, and this helps in making an interaction with the person. You can also like a profile from another country or another city. Some apps have this feature for premium users only; however, here, it is free. This can be considered a worthy contender in the best dating app for India list.

Features I like:

Like profile from anywhere.

Concierge section, see handpicked best profile for you.

Like, comment on Photos and Stories.

5. Tinder

Tinder started the entire dating game; however, now they are lagging behind. This is not because of Tinder’s app policy or in-app feature; it is simply because there are several fake profiles on Tinder now. And Tinder doesn’t have a check to ensure its users are authentic or not. However, the app is excellent from an app point of view; it is still the best dating app outside India. So, do try this excellent dating app if you’re outside India.

Features I like:

Excellent App performance

Minimal ads

Extremely user friendly


6. Badoo

Badoo is a social network where you may meet new people and make new friends. This software is accessible in over 190 countries and 47 languages. This software has several features comparable to the Tinder dating app.

Using the Badoo dating app, one must first register with  details about your interests, preferences, and location. The app suggests dating people who have similar interests. You may even obtain a list of open dates near you. You may meet individuals locally, verify profiles (three-step verified), and video chat with them.


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How to Save Videos from YouTube to Your Devices Free [Guide 2022]

 How to Save Videos from YouTube to Your Devices Free [Guide 2022]

How to save videos starting with YouTube to your devices (including computers and phones) free? In this post, MiniTool offers  information  guidance on saving YouTube videos.  moreover , it also presents the  defence and  proposal for saving YouTube videos.

There is a  elevation of videos on YouTube. You may want to save some YouTube videos to your  feacture, like computers, phones, or external drives, so that you can  see them offline to kill the  westernizes on plans or trains.

But can you save videos from YouTube? You can do that but you should bear the following  defence in mind before saving videos.

 defence: You are allowetted to save YouTube videos. But these videos are just for yourself and not for circulastion .

Apart from the above  defence, you can also refer to the  advice beneth that may improve your watching insident of YouTube videos on your devices.

1.In terms of video  intenstion (like 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p), the higher the quality the bigger the file. Due to that, it is wise to consider how to balance  skill  and size before you save YouTube videos.

2. Besides intensiton, file format also affects your watching experience. The common file formats include MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MOV. MP4 works on pretty much anything. To avoid incompatibility, it is highly recommended that you select this format.

Now, let’s see how to save videos from YouTube to your  unlike devices.

How to Save Videos from YouTube to Computer

To save videos from YouTube to your computer, you can try the following  suggested tools.

1. MiniTool uTube Downloader

To save videos from YouTube to computer easily and quickly, you can try MiniTool uTube Downloader first.

The reasons for using MiniTool uTube Downloader to download YouTube videos are as follows:

You won’t pay any penny for this program as it asks no charge.

You can download as many videos as you want with a few steps.

You won’t be bothered by virus attack as this tool is 100% clean.

You can use it to save YouTube playlists and video subtitles.

You can use it to make a quick video format conversion.

As nothing is perfect on the blue glass ball, MiniTool uTube Downloader also has some flaws. Compared with some online YouTube downloaders, this program needs to be installed on your computer and it only services for YouTube videos conversion and downloading.

How to use MiniTool uTube Downloader to download YouTube videos to computer? Please refer to the following tutorial.

Step 1: Get MiniTool uTube Downloader by clicking the following button and then launch the program.

Step 2: Search for the YouTube video you want to svae to your computer.

You can search for the video you want to watch later in this YouTube converter directly and click this video.

Or Go to the YouTube site and search for videos. If you choose the second method, you should:

Right-click the video thumbnail on YouTube and then choose Copy link address.

Go to the home page of MiniTool uTube Downloader. Paste the video link to the box at the top of the page.

Step 3: Download the video by clicking the Download button at the top of page.

Step 5: Save the YouTube video to your computer.

Choose the video format. MiniTool uTube Downloader can help you save YouTube videos to MP4, MP3, WAV, and WebM.

If you need the subtitles, keep the Subtitle box ticked. This asks no charge.

Click the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the current page to save this video.

Now, the video should be in the selected folder on your computer and you can check that by clicking the Navigate to file button at the upper-right corner. 

o see it right now, you can click the Play button next to the Navigate to file button.

The tutorial on how to save videos from YouTube via MiniTool uTube Downloader comes to an end. Have you successfully saved YouTube videos to your computer?

MiniTool uTube Downloader not only can help you save YouTube videos, but also can help you grab the fantastic BGM of the YouTube videos. The conversion from YouTube video to MP3 is offered in Convert YouTube to MP3 Free in Seconds.

 How to Save Videos from YouTube FAQ

Can you download a video from YouTube?

YouTube does not allow you to download videos directly from their sites. But you can download a video from YouTube via some YouTube downloader, like MiniTool uTube Downloader. Bear in your mind that the video you want to save is just for your personal use and not for dissemination. .    . 

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Tuesday, 5 July 2022

How to Make Money Watching Ads


 How to Make Money Watching Ads

If you want to earn extra money each month, watching video ads online can be a good option. Yes, you read it right. You can make money watching ads. And the best thing is you don’t have to make any initial investment to get started.

With your smartphone and data connection, you’re good to go. This article will unpack everything you should know about how to make money watching ads. And you will also learn ways to maximize your earning from watching ads.

10 Ways to Earn Money by Watching Ads

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a leading company, offering a wide range of loyalty and consumer reward programs. You can earn rewards with Swagbucks for normal online activities, such as answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, etc. You will get five rewards points as a joining bonus. The reward points are called Swag Bucks.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints offers you opportunities to earn points through taking surveys, reading emails, watching videos, playing games, and many other online activities. If you love to shop online, MyPoints can help you earn points for your shopping from around 1900 popular retailers.

3. AppTrailers

As the name suggests, AppTrailers helps you get paid to watch video trailers of apps, DIY videos, movie trailers, and celebrity gossips. You collect points for these online activities

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars pays you to watch videos, complete surveys, play games, and read emails. The company claims to have given $80 million in cash rewards so far. You will get $5 as a signing bonus when you register. Some offers on InboxDollars are mobile-only. So you have to download the app from Google Play Store or AppStore, depending on your smartphone.

5. QuickRewards

QuickRewards is an A+ Better Business Bureau rated company you can explore to get paid to watch videos. And a good thing is QuickRewards has a wide range of informational and entertaining videos for you. You can also get paid for completing online surveys, completing offers, and shopping online.

6. iRazoo

If you want to watch video ads of high entertainment value, you must explore iRazoo. The site has a regularly updated collection of short films, app trailers, cooking tutorials, movie reviews, and much more. You will earn iRazoo points by watching videos.

7. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a free reward site with around 5 million members. You can earn PrizeRebel points by completing online activities, which include completing surveys, watching video content, signing up for websites, etc.

8. AdWallet

Companies pay people for their attention. If you want to earn money watching videos from your favorite brands, AdWallet can be the right platform for you.

Once you have created your profile, you will start receiving video suggestions based on your profile. And you will earn a minimum of $0.50 and up to $3.00 per video viewing.

9. You-Cubez

You-Cubez offers multiple ways of making money online. You can watch ads, view websites, complete surveys, or watch videos to earn money. And if you want to earn more money, refer You-Cubez to your friends to earn up to 15% commission from the people you refer and their referrals.

 10. KashKick

KashKick is an excellent website to earn cash money for online activities, such as completing surveys, watching videos, surfing the web, and much more. KashKick will deposit money directly to your PayPal account.

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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: How to explain the Ukraine conflict to your kids

 Russia-Ukraine  dispute: How to explain the Ukraine  dispute to your kids

"My son asks are we safe?" said a mother to another. What happened later was not what I had  contentment. After a short  charm of silence the other lady said "as kids. We rarely try to know what smash war has on their mind. A child may not be  capeble to understand terms like World War 3, nuclear attack, raids, shelling, but getting exposed to such terms  honest will do no good. It is always said that a child should be properly educated. sufficient education comes with age and understanding but what shapes a child is the right  chemical of education.

The last seven days have been troubling . There is not a single minute in a day when you don't hear about the Russia-Ukraine dispute, videos showing Indian students stranded in Ukraine, top leaders holding high level meetings in view of the situation, and regular attempts being made to bring back the citizens to the motherland.

What is the issue between Russia and Ukraine?

Russia and Ukraine are currently in a state of war. On February 24, 2022 Russia President Vladimir Putin launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine have been hostile to each other since Ukraine's independence in 1991. Before 1991, Ukraine was an important part of Russian  kingdom. The situation got out of control in 2021. The current President of Ukraine, former comic actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy was elected in 2019 and in January 2021 he appealed to US President Joe Biden to let Ukraine join NATO which was a promise made to Ukraine in 2008. Following this, Russia started sending troops near its Ukraine border saying it to be for "training exercises" and on February 24, it launched an invasion of Ukraine.

1)What is NATO?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization also known as NATO is a military  union between 28 European countries and 2 North American countries. It was established on APril 4, 1949, years after World War II ended.The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is linked to Ukraine's request to the US to join NATO. In 2008, NATO had promised Ukraine membership.

2)How will it hurt Russia if Ukraine is made a part of NATO?

It is  clear that the Russian government doesn't see Ukraine's NATO membership as a good sign. As per reports, President Putin has made clear that he sees the country’s aspirations to join the group as a threat to Russia’s borders and its sphere of clear. Five NATO members border Russia.As of now, both Russia and Ukraine are not members of NATO.

3)Why is Russia hostile to Ukraine?

There are several reasons for it. Russia has always resisted Ukraine's move to the European Union and NATO. President Putin has always said that Ukraine has been taken over by extremists, ever since the pro-Russian president, Viktor Yanukovych, was ousted in 2014.

4)Was Ukraine a part of Russia?

Ukraine was a part of the Russian  kingdome long ago before both of them became a part of the USSR. The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, became a founding member of the Soviet Union in 1922. The  rasiyal Union or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR was the largest country in the world and have life from 1922 to 1991 with Moscow as its capital. Political and ethnic  decky led to the  conclustion of the USSR as a sovereign state. In 1991 after the USSR dissolved, Ukraine became an independent country.

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