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Sunday 20 October 2019

HTAT Aachary Badli Transfer Rules official Pdf Download

HTAT Aachary Badli Transfer Rules official Pdf Download

Head Teacher Replacement Rules will be created in the next few months. The government has given such assurances in one of the high court cases. A writ petition was filed in Gujarat High Court in year 1 with the submission that more than 3 persons appointed as Principal in the Primary Department have not been changed for the last seven years. In which, today the government party has presented its answer that rules for replacing head teachers are being made.

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Which will take about three months. And once the rules are in place, all head teachers will be replaced according to those rules. The details of the case are that the principals of several primary departments of the six districts of Gujarat are currently being harassed due to non-replacement of their jobs. Out of which, about 5 different people filed writ petitions in Gujarat High Court in year 1.

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