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Monday 28 October 2019

Whatsapp New Feature Fro Group Adding privacy feature

Whatsapp New Feature Fro Group Adding privacy feature

Popular messaging app WhatsApp announced a few months ago a new privacy feature for Indian users. The company said the feature will be offered to Android and iOS users. These privacy features are specific to the Group. According to these new features, no users can add other users to the group without their approval.

This feature is being extended to more users. According to a report from WABetainfo, the company is increasing support for this feature. The group privacy setting is increasingly being offered to Android and iOS users. Because users were added to any group without their consent.

WhatsApp is introducing new privacy settings that will force people to get users' consent before adding them to chat groups. The move will address privacy concerns that the government has been raising for more than six months and assumes significance during the election season.

Whatsapp New Privacy Feature

" User turn to groups for important Messages , users are asked for more control over their experience. "Whatsapp  introduce  a new privacy setting today and will invite the system to help you decide who can add you to groups," the Facebook-owned chat app said in a statement on Wednesday.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman described the move as an "important change." "We're updating the feature to a subset of users and expanding the feature from there. We are launching today in India with beta users and will expand from there.



Users will get some options in this group privacy settings. In which everyone, My Contacts or Nobody will go. If users select Nobody, then if one adds users to a group then users will have an invitations request which they can access and declare. However after the update the Nobody feature has been replaced. The My Contacts except option has been given instead. That means you can now decide who will be able to add to your group from your contacts and who will not.

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