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Thursday 21 November 2019

Gujarati Rashi Bhavishy 2020: Kark Rashi bhavishy

Gujarati Rashi Bhavishy 2020: Kark Rashi bhavishy

1. Marriages and Couples
The outlook for the couple will seem to be going well this year. The early stages of the year may seem good to you. With the cooperation of the family. Sometimes, due to work, the wife does not understand the mood, which causes her to experience mental weakness. Those who are nearing completion of their lives, continue to be divorced yoga. In the last part of the year, happy moments can be experienced in marriage. The person who is looking for a good character for the wedding has to wait a little.

2. Health and travel
In terms of health, there is a general need to run but it does not matter. People who are obese can have gall problems. Sometimes a viral infection can lead to blood related illness. During this year be very careful in terms of health. Your enthusiasm may include traveling with family or making small trips. Be careful not to disturb your health during the tour.

3. Children and Practice
In the eyes of the offspring, if you are married this year does not seem to be fruitful, but those who are seeking doctor or Ayurvedic guidance can benefit from 4/5/2020. Marriage of children and health concerns can interfere with your work. You should be interested in your study. Students involved in engineering as well as technical matters should be careful enough in the study.

4. Jobs and business
This year the job is overcrowded. Sometimes it happens that the superiors face the discomfort of their superiors. Job promotion can be found. You can find the job you are looking for. The dream of a government job cannot be fulfilled in a year. The business is in a state of disarray this year. The investment made should benefit you, but not the entrepreneurial investment. After the middle of the year, trading with partners can be upset because of a negative transaction.

5. Land - Building - Property
This year in real estate can benefit you immensely. A home or shop that is invested can receive a fair return. Land that is in trouble due to a share in paternal wealth appears to be unleashed this year. Fixed assets can be increased. Investing in Gold and Silver Can Benefit You If you invest in the agricultural market, you can benefit this year. Overall it can be said that this year the fixed assets can be definitely increased.

6. Enemy - Court - Office
The 6th Saturn orbit may cause you to be deceived by enemies. Growing enemies can destabilize your life. Any task may be interrupted by enemies, which may seem to halt progress. In some older cases, your short-term relief may seem to increase your excitement. Sometimes excessive self-esteem can lead to problems in public. Do not perform any act in public.

7. Women's class
During this year you may experience physical-mental confusion as well as anxiety. In some cases misunderstanding can lead to controversy. Old friends benefit from accidental visits. You can benefit if you work in government sectors. You have to be careful this year with throat and eye problems. Husband's cooperation will be available. Increasing your self-esteem may increase your enthusiasm due to genuine concern of people in the Sasari party.

8. Love Relationships
This year of Vikram Samvat 2076 brings a new turning point in love for you. Finding the same character you are looking for in a loved one does not exceed your joy. Having a love for the one you love unselfishly can result in a love affair. Fulfilling promises made to each other will increase happiness, but if love is one-sided, then receiving love from the other side can be a little difficult.

9. Foreign Yoga
This year can greatly benefit you in terms of foreign yoga. Your efforts to move abroad may have faded over the past several years. Your dream of going abroad increases your enthusiasm. Students who are abroad for higher studies may benefit. There may be good investment opportunities for business people abroad after September-October. Those who live abroad illegally may receive good news after March.

10. Inadequate prevention
Remember Lord Narayana every Tuesday for peace and happiness in Kirk Zodiac friends. Make as much as you can with ghee-lamb flour and offer it to God. Then the next day, at sunrise, feed a lamb. Provide one pest for ants and distribute it to young children if the pest survives. Anyone with small children can take prasad. Bathing in flowing water, worshiping the story of Satyanarayan from Tulsidal, urging, listening.

11. The planetarium of Jupiter
Guru Maharaj travels from your zodiac to 6th position, which affects your disease position. Minor illnesses persist. Don't worry. Not much savings can be made. People try to deceive you but in time you can be cautious. After the middle of the year the situation seems to be back to normal. The Guru will lead you to a path of devotion that will be auspicious for you. Good coordination with people of similar age.


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12. Yearbook of the Saturn planet
Saturn will orbit your zodiac at the sixth price so that you will face torture at the beginning of the year. You often feel that the mountain of misery has fallen on you, but you have to enjoy the fruits of your accumulated karma. Never give up on a policy and never go the wrong way. The situation changes after 24/1/2020. The opposite seems to be the case. Keeping watch in partnership.

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