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Thursday 21 November 2019

Gujarati Rashi bhavishy 2020 : Vrushik Rashi

Gujarati Rashi bhavishy 2020 : Vrushik Rashi

1. The year of Jupiter planet
This year, Guru Maharaj travels in your zodiac. So that you may experience general stress. In the eyes of Jupiter, your year may not be worth much or much loss. During the latter part of the year, the amount of Jupiter seems to be gradually gaining wealth. Get the best chance at every field.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
Saturn Maharaj will be with you in this zodiac year. There will be financial problems and financial crisis. Opposing, enemy areas have to face difficulties due to the impact of the people. Elsewhere you have to face financial difficulties in collecting collections. Disagreements with fellow workers can increase the odds.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Rahu Maharaj will travel to your zodiac during this year. For this reason you have to experience many ups and downs in life. Eye, nose, ear, period problems may occur. During this year beware of allergic and infectious diseases. There seems to be some stability in life after the middle of the year.

4. Marriages and Couples
During this year, there are unexpected consequences in marriage. Belief in the faith of the husband or wife may be shaken. There are small family issues in the couple's life, but they can be resolved peacefully. If you live in a joint family, you all get good support. The mind should be happy to marry those who are willing to marry. There may also be times in the latter part of this year that engagement can be broken if there is an engagement or a relationship.

5. Health and travel
The third base of Saturn walks you in, but you need not panic. Persons who have heart disease or are taking cardiovascular medications should have their medical checkups checked periodically. Beware of shortness of breath and blood pressure. This year you will find different means of travel. You can go to places to go for a walk, or to have fun. Your travels with family should benefit you. Throughout the year, small trips are often required for business.

6. Children and Practice
In your pastoral view, the planets are not so heady, but they may delay your offspring-related questions, possibly due to inauspicious yoga poses. Later in the year it may be that you get good news. Despite hard work in study, luck does not seem to support. Indeed, exam preparation will compress your knowledge. In this too, shallow knowledge in such subjects as mathematics and the basics of names can make it difficult for you to go further. Due to Rahu, this year there is a yoga for learning new Vidya.

7. Jobs and business
This year in the job you can get a special benefit. Ending files or presentations that have been stuck for a long time may result in a promotion. The burden of responsibility may be increased on you. Government jobs are the key to success in examinations. With independent business you can gain a lot. As a business, you will earn both name and money. Passing a tender in government business can boost your business. Overall the year is good for trading.

8. Land-building-property
The more cautious you are in real estate and real estate, the more you benefit. Take care that nothing goes wrong in the ground this year. You are happy to sell the headquarter for the house you are selling. Gold or silver jewelry can be made for the wife or the bride. Investing in the stock market or other locations will increase your wealth. Earlier, there was the special pleasure of having the money invested in the stock market.

9. Enemy-Court-Office
You have been having friction and debate with your enemies for some time now. The year of Samvat 3 will calm the nuisance of each of your enemies. The temper of speaking out with anger, seeking revenge, envy can increase your difficulty. You may find yourself having more trouble with any accidental court rash. Sometimes it seems like living more peacefully than making a case for face to face. If your policy is clear then go ahead confidently for certain victory.

10. Women's Class
The year ahead for the sisters will be much more peaceful and uplifting. Your mental presence in all your activities can boost morale. Sisters who do business or work can benefit financially. Owing to his contribution in the social field, he gains status and status in the society. Excessive workload can have an impact on your health. With increasing economic and social difficulties, your mind may become more distracted. Working women get the help of fellow employees.

11. Love Relationships
This year it will seem like the whirlwind of love is present in love. Whatever the old relationship may be due to doubts and doubts in love, it can break even. Upon receiving the person you really want, knowing the reality of the nature of the encounter can lead to a pause in the relationship. Overall, finding true love this year can be a little daunting for you. If you are married and have a love affair with others, it can prove fatal so do not betray your spouse.


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12. Foreign Yoga
You can get great news early this year. The result of hard work for which you work for a long time will be rewarded. Not only do you have the advantage in India, but going abroad for your own business will bring you special benefits. For students who want to study abroad, the journey will be paved. It would be more convenient to buy goods from abroad and sell them in other countries. Travel abroad will be particularly beneficial for travel.

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