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Thursday 21 November 2019

Kanya Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

Kanya Rashi Bhavishy Gujarati 2020

1. The year of Jupiter planet
From your zodiac, Jupiter will move in 4th position. In the meantime, you can take exams in all your fields. There can be many important things in life. Ensure that the honor of the elders is maintained. New energy is transmitted to the body. Family support. You can fulfill your parents' dreams. There may be a dispute with your spouse. Take care not to stain your fame, honor, glory.

2. The year of the planet Saturn
Your two-and-a-half-year term is complete but be careful until February. Buying a vehicle becomes yoga, but be careful about driving. Saturn is a long journey through grace. From a political point of view, this weekend can be of special benefit to you. In their own field domination increases. Your policy and honesty can influence people. Saturn can be beneficial for the maid class. Special benefits come from the officer class.

3. Yearbook of Rahu planet
Depending on the planetary conditions of your year, the fruit of Rahu can be mixed this year. By fate you can benefit. If possible, avoid court cases or fraud. People with heart problems should take full precautions. You benefit greatly if you are preparing for an exam. Delayed tasks may affect the health of the delayed. Thinking before a relationship is ruined, otherwise relationships are likely to be broken.

4. Marriages and Couples
You can benefit this year in terms of your spouse. People whose lives are in disarray or are at a disadvantage are likely to receive good fruit during this year. If you are each other's pleasant companion, you will leave the debate and adopt a loving attitude and there will be great progress in life. This year can be auspicious for those who are not married. Overall, understanding the couple will never cause problems.

5. Health and travel
From a physiological point of view, the year of record Samvat 2076 can be beneficial for you. During this year you may complain of insomnia. You have to suffer from a bone disease. If you are addicted you will definitely face serious illness. Planned tours can be interrupted. Even if you decide to go somewhere, the program has to be canceled at last. Small trips with family can be done at the end of the year.

6. Children and Practice
This coming year in terms of offspring can be very beneficial for you. The desire for childbirth will be fulfilled after 3 March. The health of your offspring can put you in trouble. You are very anxious for your studies, your ideas for higher studies can be very rewarding for you.

7. Jobs and business
At the beginning of the year the job has to deal with some adverse things. If you do it responsibly and with care, your progress in the job will be assured. After January 24, they face bribery, legal proceedings or employment breakdown. Business is down. Money can not be returned from the place where it is invested. This time will be difficult if you have done any work to get a loan. Small-scale business leads to progress.

8. Land - Building - Property
This year you do not see any increase or decrease in the assets in your name. Income can be generated in real estate. If you own a home, rent a home, but beware of legal issues. Investing in gold and silver can provide benefits. Preserving the land of your ancestors becomes difficult for you. Some questions arise about the land. Accidental property may be acquired. It is imperative to be cautious in real estate.

9. Enemy - Court - Office
The time of year to come may be more favorable to you than your enemies. Enemies can plot against you, but your opponents will not succeed. Some of the conspiracies carried out by the enemies or the enemies may be hindering your progress. Some court proceedings may come to your favor. But getting involved in some crime can also get you punished. This year you may benefit from the overall court office.

10. Women's Class
This coming year is going to be moderately fruitful for women. If there is any kind of stubbornness then your difficulty will increase. Without reason, worry or arguing with someone can increase your difficulty. If you are newly married, you may benefit from a sassari party. Concerns about education increase, but if you concentrate on studying carefully, it can be beneficial. To be careful about gynecological matters in the latter part of the year.

11. Love Relationships
There doesn't seem to be much success this year in terms of love. Once you are deceived but other times you have to be careful. You can be happier with frequent love visits. After the middle of the year, there may be a crackdown on relationships that you do not anticipate. If your loved one is less able to deal with you, it may affect your health as well. So young people should not worry too much about this.


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12. Foreign Yoga
This year of Vikram Samvant 2076 may be beneficial to you in foreign relations. Having an accidental benefit from your family living abroad can accelerate your progress. You can move abroad with the help of someone who is abroad. You can be financially equipped as you benefit from abroad. Students may enjoy increasing admission to colleges abroad. Investing abroad will benefit you.

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