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Friday 17 January 2020

Amazing Govt. School In surat with waiting List of 1500

Amazing Govt. School In surat with waiting List of 1500

Normally we have seen the admission line in the schools but these lines have only appeared in private schools but in the government schools in Surat, the guardians are standing in line to take admission. Last year, the school had 800 waiters which is 1500 waiting this year. Let's look at why parents are scrambling to get admission to this school

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The only crowd you are seeing is for admission to Lines. You might be wondering what this is all about. In private schools, there is a need for admission. But if you know something to think about in these lines, what this line looks like is not from a private school but from a town in the Surat landing area, which is owned by Maharaja Krishnakumar Singhji Primary School No. 334, which is run by the Municipal Education Corporation, Palika.

When it comes to educating children in this school, there is hi-tech education. There are nice grounds to play. Qualified staff is facilitated to ensure that children are fully developed. In addition there are old traditional games for children to play. Games like Bhamrada, Lakhoti, Langi, Khokho are played. In today's mobile and computer age children are not physical games. These are the games that are taught. That is why parents are being bullied to teach their children in school.