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Wednesday 22 January 2020

Download BPL List Gujarat

Download BPL List Gujarat

Encouraged by the result of Pilot data, it was decided by the department to use this technology for entire project. Accordingly NICSI was asked to carry out the work through its empanelled vendor. NICSI empanelled private vendor through the process of tendering. Before survey was conducted repetitive training programs were conducted through SATCOM facility to create awareness about the process of filling up the forms.. Training cum lectures were jointly organized by Department and NIC for APO,Monitoring who played important role at the District level. Main project was executed in different phases

1.Coding and design of input survey form: Since this survey involved input data from all Villages of Gujarat, each panchayat village was assigned 05 digit code along with District and Taluka code (District and Taluka codes are as per census 2001). Since conversion of survey data involved scanning of all forms, form was designed to suit the requirements of scanning to minimize errors. Forms were filled up in English, however for easy of understanding, heading of each column was described in Gujarati.

  • 2.Training to Field staff about filling up the forms. 
  • 3.Training cum lectures for APO, Monitoring.
  • 4.Survey at Field level by Gram Sevak, Teachers and Panchayat staff.
  • 5.District wise scanning of forms and conversion of data to database.
  • 6.Generation of error list through computer and correction of errors.
  • 7.Verification of 10% of data by DRDA and correction of errors.
  • 8.Compilation of data and generation of various query based reports.
  • There are about 68 lacks families surveyed in rural Gujarat. Total 19 parameters were captured which indicate the social and economic status of each family. Out of these 13 parameters are used to generate score of each family as per the guidelines of Government of India. Each parameter can have score ranging from 0 to 4. Thus each family gets his score out of 52. Various State and District wise reports indicating number of family at each score were prepared and submitted to department for further use. Online query modules are also prepared and available over GSWAN.
New BPL Yadi Gujarat 

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New BPL Yadi Gujarat 

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