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Thursday 6 February 2020

Superb marraige invitation card with Govt Yojna info. by Sanket sir

Superb marraige invitation card with Govt Yojna info. by Sanket sir 

Finding the right phrases can be a confusing process for any newly engaged couple. The goal is to relay clear information in a personalised template layout with an engaging tone.

Most couples opt in to following traditional wedding invitation wording etiquette which involves the recognition of the parents or in-laws or both simultaneously, in a display of appreciation for their hosting and funding of the celebration.  Of course your text choices will also widely depend on your circumstances in which whether or not you’re bounded by your family values, ethnic background, or religious customs.

Likewise you can also choose to go with a more modernised informal version and simply present the information that is more suited to your style.  However way you choose to display your announcement, you must always remember to include vital information such as the bride and groom’s name, names of the hosts, the date and time it takes place and the location of the ceremony and reception.

Adorn Invitations understands the challenges and complexity faced when deciding on how to word your invites, and so we’ve taken it upon us to create a repertoire of well-written templates to provide you with some wording ideas in which you can simply select and apply directly to your preferred layout.

Alternatively for a more personalised aspect, if you already have your own text in mind, then we’re pleased to accommodate your choices with our professional services. The important thing to know is that there is no right or wrong way of doing this, and remember we’ve got plenty of wedding invitation wording samples for you to use!


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