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Thursday 19 March 2020

Corona Virus sTage wise Detail

Corona Virus sTage wise Detail

India has not yet seen community transmission and continues to be in stage 2 (local transmission) of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Indian Council of Medical Research said Tuesday, even as it decided to intensify testing and rope in private laboratories for the purpose.

Let’s first understand the different stages of the spread of the virus:

Stage 1 | Imported Cases: These are those who have travelled to virus-hit foreign countries and have come back to India.

Stage 2 | Local Transmission: These are those cases who have come in contact with patients who have a travel history.

Stage 3 | Community Transmission: Community transmission is when a patient not exposed to any infected person or one who has travelled to any of the affected countries tests positive. Large areas get affected when community transmission takes place.

Stage 4 | Epidemic: This is the last and the worst stage where the disease take the shape of an epidemic with no clear end point like it did in China.

The number of coronavirus cases in India has risen to 166 with 15 new confirmed cases on Thursday, which includes three deaths, two in Delhi and one in Karnataka.