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Wednesday 25 March 2020

GCERT Text book Download Std 8

GCERT Text  book Download Std 8


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  • GCERT Text book Download Std 8
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The Gujarat State School Textbook Board has missing an entire chapter of about 5 pages from the book of physics   dealer  for Gujarati medium students of Std. 12 Science this year.

Chapter No. 12 communication system is not given in the book of Gujarati medium students. In addition to students and parents, teachers have been left in the lurch  required to the serious mess of this last phase of the textbook board.

The State Textbook Board has   advance new NCERT based textbooks in Std. 12 Science from this year. As part of which the book of physics has also changed. But it is being learned from Shikshan Alam that the school textbook board has made a serious mess in the book for Gujarati m
edium students.