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Wednesday 25 March 2020

GCERT Text Download Std 2

GCERT Text Download Std 2

  • According to the syllabus  accept by the Government of Gujarat, in addition to the Gujarati medium of Std.
  •  devising of teacher's textbooks, textbooks and other educational materials.
  • To  held and promote research to improve the curriculum of primary, secondary and higher secondary levels. Is.
  • Preparing supplementary reading material for primary, secondary and higher secondary level students.
  • To assist and accelerate the progress and quality   proceed of primary, secondary and higher education.

GCERT Books for Competitive Exams:

GCERT Board Textbooks are vital for all kinds of Competitive exams i.e. GPSC, Gaun Seva Pasandgi Mandal (GSSSB), Panchayat Seva Selection Board (GPSSB), Police Recruitment Board (PRB) etc… GCERT allow both GSEB Gujarati Medium Textbooks and GCERT English Medium Textbooks in pdf format (Std 1 to 12).


Download Ganit Gammat TExt book
Download KALLOL-GUJARATI TExt book

Education in primary and secondary schools including technical, European and Anglo-Indian education and agricultural education (excluding agricultural education allotted to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) and pharmacy education.

3) Books and magazines

2) Scientific institutes and universities

3) School and college acting drama competitions

2) Scheme to impart drama training to primary school teachers.

2) (a) All matters relating to appointments, appointments, transfers, promotions, conduct, leave sanction, pension etc. to all State Officers and Non-State Government  agent under the administrative control of the Department.

(B) All matters relating to sanction of pension, leave to Class-I and Class-II officers of the Secretariat cadre under the administrative control of the Department.

2) Lunch plan

3) Works, lands and houses which are vested in or under the possession of the State and assigned to the Department of Education for the purposes of the State.

10) Investigation and statistics for the purposes of any of the matters in this list.

11) Fees for matters in this list other than fees charged in any court.

12) Mahila Samakhya

Details of officers under this section, their contact numbers etc. and details of their salary are now included in the 5th tier.