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Saturday 7 March 2020

Jio, Airtel spreading Coronavirus precautions through caller tunes

Jio, Airtel spreading Coronavirus precautions through caller tunes

Reliance Jio and Airtel have enabled a new caller tune for all users across the nation to spread the awareness of the deadly coronavirus. The caller tune basically starts with a coughing sound and then leads to some safety measures that consumers should follow in order to stay away from the virus. The initiative comes right after dozens of cases being reported in India. As of now, Coronavirus has spread across over 90 countries and over 1 lakh cases have been reported. In India, 31 people are affected.

When calling a Jio number, the user will now hear a pre-recorded message that starts with a coughing sound. The caller tune or recorded message then demonstrates a couple of measures that one should take in order to avoid getting the deadly virus. While it works on all Jio numbers that have not set a caller tune already, it also works for Airtel users. However, Airtel users will only get to hear the message when the call is being made Airtel to Airtel and not from other networks.

As a part of the precautions, the voice message mentions the following preventive measures:
  • Protect your face with a handkerchief while coughing or sneezing
  • Clean hands with soap continuously
  • Do not touch the face, eyes or nose
  • If someone is coughing, has fever or breathlessness then maintain 1-meter distance
Jio’s awareness campaign will also help individuals get accurate information, thus avoiding any misinformation that may be spread on coronavirus through unverified links forwarded on social media. The Jio caller tune service is being offered at no additional cost, and will be enabled for all Jio users except for those who have voluntarily opted for a specific caller tune on the network.