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Wednesday 18 March 2020

Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Scheme 2020 in Gujarat Stipend Subsidy Application Process Form Eligibility Criteria

Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Scheme 2020  in Gujarat Stipend Subsidy Application Process Form Eligibility Criteria

Proper employment opportunities are necessary for the overall development of the state. If the state government is unable to offer adequate job opportunities to the youth, according to their qualifications, then they will have to face the angry job seekers. The issue of unemployment was high in the state of Gujarat. Thus, the state authority has designed and implemented a new scheme that will offer unemployed trainees with a certain stipend amount. It will only be given to those who are pursuing any apprenticeship programs in private organizations.

Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Scheme

Key features of the scheme

  • Generation of job opportunities – The main objective of this unique scheme is to create more and more job opportunities in the state. It will encourage the trainees as well as private industries to hire youth in the industry.
  • Making young trainees ready for the field – As more and more educated youth find the opportunity to attain training in the chosen fields, they will be able to polish their skills adequately. Apart from academic knowledge, they will also get better in practical implementation of the acquired skills.
  • Total grant amount – As per the information published in the scheme draft, each selected candidate will get anything between Rs. 1500 and Rs. 2500 as stipend on a monthly basis.

  • Grant according to academic qualification – Every trainee who has graduation, post-graduation degree or higher degrees will attain Rs. 3000 as grant. In case the candidate has diploma degree, he/she will get Rs. 2000 as a stipend. If the candidate has less qualification, then he/she will acquire only Rs. 1500.
  • Number of grant holders – The state labour and unemployment department has announced that for the time being they have an aim to offer this stipend to as many as 1 lakh candidates.
  • Total span of stipend – Every selected candidate will get the grant amount for as many as 12 months, from the date of joining the training.
  • Private sector trainees – Only those candidates will be able to get the stipends that are associated with the private organizations. Be it mechanical or medical, all training sectors will be included under this program.
  • Payment in the account of employee – The grant amount will be transferred to the account of the trainee directly. The workers will get this stipend amount along with their stipulated salary.
  • Application process for the scheme
  • As of now, nothing much has been declared about the application process. The state government will soon publish information about the application forms, its availability and submission process. The details will be uploaded on the official website of Gujarat state government.