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Friday 27 March 2020

Why 21 day lockdown required ? Superb info.

Why 21 day lockdown required ? Superb info.

The country has been locked up for 21 days to prevent the Corona virus. Lockdown has been implemented from 12pm on March 24th and will be until April 14th. The only reason behind the 21-day lockdown is to show that a person can be diagnosed within 14 days if they are infected with the corona virus. Others may have an infection within 5 to 7 days. Corona virus is currently in the second stage in the country and is moving to the third stage. A lockdown has been put in place to prevent it. If the lockdown had not been done then the corona virus cases would have risen rapidly. There are 4 other reasons, which is why lockdown is so important in the country ...

First Stage: More than 450 people live every 1 km

The country has a population of over 137 million. India is the second largest China in terms of population. But in terms of populist distance, we are way ahead of China and Pakistan. World Bank data shows that in our country, there are an average of 455 people every 1 km. The figure is 148 in China and 275 in Pakistan. If people are not at home, the risk of spreading the corona virus will increase.

Second reason: an average of 5 people in every household in India

It is estimated that on average 5 people live in each household in the country. An estimated 40 percent of the families live in the joint family. Most Indian households live with three generations. 75% of Indians live in a house smaller than two rooms. If even one person in the family goes out of the house and gets an infection, it can cause infection to every family member.

Third reason: The Rogun train has traveled about 25 million passengers

Locked-in smooth trains have been closed on March 31. It is necessary to shut down the trains because the Spanish flu was implemented in India in 1918, according to a government report. Even then, due to the railway, the flu was more prevalent. According to the Railway Ministry's 2018-19 report, 844 crore passengers have traveled during the year. That is, 2.5 million passengers have traveled daily.

Fourth reason: A corona can infect positive 3

According to a report, in 25 per cent of the cases, people did not know that they had coronary infection. These people inadvertently infect others. According to the University of California, one person infected with the corona virus infects 3 other people.



What will be the benefit of the lockdown?

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) conducted a research in late February on the Corona virus. The research estimated by Mathematical Calculation that if strictly social distances, quarantines or lockdowns were performed, it could reduce the spread of infection by 89%.
Professor Niles Becker of the Australian National University in his book Modeling to Inform Infectious Disease Control has also talked about using social distance to confront Corona. He claimed that if 25 people even started to carry distances, the infection would be reduced by 81 percent.