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Wednesday 1 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 1-4-2020

Gujarat corona update date 1-4-2020

Health Minister Jayanti Ravi said that 8 new positive cases have been registered in the state today. All new cases are in Ahmedabad. With this, there have been 82 positive cases. Of which 67 are stable, 03 are on ventilator and 6 have been discharged. While the state has a total of 6 deaths. The number of quarantines in the state is 19206. Of which 18487 are home quarantine, 743 are quarantine and 253 are quarantine in private facilities. A total of 1586 laboratory tests have been conducted in the state. Of which 82 came positive, 1501 negative. When there are 3 test paintings.

Update Gujarat
>> Four of the tandaljas who attended the program at Nizamuddin in Delhi were made home quarantine.
>> 30 people from Ahmedabad went to Nizamuddin in Delhi. All people were identified by the police
>> In Rajkot, 12 more corona cases were filed, samples of all sent for testing
>> Gir Somnath police launch an investigation on attending a religious program at Nizamuddin in Delhi
>> 66 lakh families with Antyoday and PHH ration cards will be given free food grains on 4 days without food ration card.

Distribution of cereal kits for free to the poor today
3.25 crore people of 66 lakh families having Antyodaya and P.H.H ration cards will be distributed free of cost to wheat, rice, sugar, salt and lentils in sufficient quantity by April 17 from government-approved cheap grain shops. The Chief Minister has suggested a committee of 4 people in the rural areas and 3 in the urban areas to ensure that the distribution of grain is smooth and easy and there is no congestion. In rural areas, there will be a committee of teachers, talati or villagers, home guards or police as well as local leaders. In urban areas, teachers, representatives of service organizations and police committees will be formed.