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Friday 10 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 10-4-2020

Gujarat corona update date 10-4-2020

Corona crisis is on the rise in the state. Giving details of Corona's update, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said positive cases are increasing as hotspots are being tested and tested from house to house.

So far 46 new cases have been registered in the state since last evening and 2 have died while 4 have been discharged. There have been 308 positive cases in the state and 19 have died. The number of patients in the state will still increase. Since last evening, 11 new cases have been registered in Ahmedabad, 17 in Vadodara, 5 in Rajkot, 4 in Bharuch, 4 in Bhavnagar, 2 in Patan, 2 in Kutch and a new case in Gandhinagar. The report of a doctor from the health department in Ahmedabad has also been positive, the health secretary said.

Ahmedabad recorded 58 cases in a single day, Vadodara 21 cases

Ahmedabad reported 58 positive cases of Corona in a single day on Thursday. The Safi destination area of ​​Danilimda in particular was the Corona AP Center. One person was infected here at 30. All cases reported Thursday are from local transmission. Of the 58 cases, 30 are in the Safi Manzil area. Earlier, the entire area where a positive case was found was cluster quarantined. After that, samples of 128 people living in small walks were taken here. In Vadodara, only 21-21 positive reports have been announced in a single day at Saidpur in Nagarwara. While a total of 22 koruna positives in a single katkiwada has increased the concern of the system in a single day. On the other hand, in Nagarwada and Tadalaja, the police kept the cluster quarantined areas in check.
A total of 308 positive cases, 19 deaths in Gujarat


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