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Thursday 23 April 2020

Gujarat Corona update date 23-4-2020

Gujarat Corona update date 23-4-2020

State Health Commissioner Jayanti Ravi has instructed all districts of the state to launch a campaign to find patients with special corona signs instead of random tests from today. The main objective of this instruction is to conduct community surveillance. All District Collectors and Municipal Commissioners have been directed to actively pursue this campaign.
Treatment of fever, cold and cough for 2 days

The state government is moving to increase community surveillance in the coming days in the fight against Corona. Emphasis is being placed on special community surveillance in rural as well as urban areas. The front secretary of state for health, Dr. According to Jayanti Raveena, now such a stage has come. In which community surveillance has to be increased. The surveillance will include sarpanchs in rural areas, leading and residential areas in urban areas. The only purpose in the fight against corona is to bring non-communicable disease patients who have been suffering from symptoms like fever, cold and cough for two days to Kovid Hospital or call 104 helpline to treat and cure the patients.

The second phase of the Corona survey operation began

The Center has been touring Gujarat for the last three days. The team has reported on the ongoing surveillance work in Gujarat with the Union Cabinet Secretary. In which the second phase of Corona's survey operation will be started and an attempt will be made to find and save the lives of senior citizens in particular. The Government of Gujarat has taken note of the work done in the field of Proactive Surveillance and Content. Starting today, all district collectors and municipal commissioners will launch a special campaign to find patients with such signs.

Appeal for community surveillance from the Sarpanch to the Secretary of the Society

Strict enforcement of lock-down as well as community surveillance is the only way to break the channel of transmission of corona, said the front secretary of the health department. Now the number of positive cases is increasing in the state which does not have the symptoms of corona, in view of which the chairman secretary of the sarpanch society colony in rural areas across the state has also appealed to the social leaders to come forward with community surveillance. It has also been made clear that today's exercise, which will begin across the state, will see a huge increase in corona cases in the coming days.

Questions raised by journalists

Now why give information all at once? Is the government hiding anything?

Health front secretary Janyati Ravi replied

Jayanti Ravi, the front secretary of health, has made a big announcement today in the case of Korona. From today, Corona's positive case and death figures will be released in the evening. So far morning and evening statistics were given. Besides, Jayanti Ravi said that no attempt was being made to hide the figures. This decision has been taken due to discrepancies in the statistics.

Said about death not like panic

At the same time, in the case of death, Jayanti Ravi said that so far all the deaths have taken place. 60 of them had serious illness. Patients with diabetes, heart problems or any other serious illness are dying fast. Jayanti Ravi said that 3 thousand tests are done every day. And there will be no reduction. Jayanti Ravi said the recovery was not fast due to low immunity. He further said that all the families should take care of the elderly and young children living in their homes.

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