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Friday 3 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 3-4-2020 10 A.M.

Gujarat corona update date 3-4-2020 10 A.M.

Gujarat. Seven more Corona-positive cases were reported today. All the cases against today are from Ahmedabad. The number of Corona positive cases in the state has reached 95.

In Ahmedabad, a total of 5219 people from abroad were kept in quarantine. Of these, 4084 people have completed 14 days under quarantine. There are still 1135 people in Quarantine. According to the guidelines, there is a 14-day incubation period. The last flight to the airport was 22nd. The incubation period of those who are in it will also be completed in two days. But 31 people have come to the city positive. Some 650 people who have been exposed have also been put into quarantine. So it may take up to April 20 when their 14-day period ends. So still the next 20-25 days is very important for Ahmedabad city. During this time it is considered necessary to be vigilant so that the infection does not spread further.
The government's U-turn, saying that a healthy person should not wear a mask, must wear a mask

Earlier, when Corona cases were registered, people kept shopping till the mask was emptied from the market. The government has now taken a U-turn in fifteen days for masks. Previously, people who were missing the mask in the markets were advised that the mask is only needed for coronary patients and their medical staff.