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Monday 6 April 2020

Gujarat corona update date 6-4-2020

Gujarat corona update date 6-4-2020

Shak Market of Jamalpur APMC in Ahmedabad was started in Jaitalpur
Local transmission of every third patient in the state, 78 of 129 local infections
Quarantine many areas in Jamnagar, Surat and Ahmedabad

Ahmedism. Corona positive case statistics are rising alarmingly in the state. Corona infection has spread in 15 districts of the state so far. Jayanti Ravi, Health Principal Secretary Updating Corona, said that 16 more positive cases were registered in the state. Cases are increasing in the areas of people coming from the stage. Due to clustering, the cases are increasing. There have been 144 cases in the state. In Ahmedabad, 11 new cases have been registered while Surat, Mehsana and Patan each have new cases. A total of 144 positive cases have been registered in the state. Of these, 11 patients died and 21 were discharged after being healed. It is also a matter of concern for the state that local transmission cases are now increasing in the state. Of the total 144 positive cases, 85 are local transmission. Because of this, the entire area is being quarantined as part of the preservation in many cities of the state.

Most cases in Ahmedabad
Of the total 144 positive cases in the state, Ahmedabad has the highest number of cases. District-wise statistics show 64 positive and 5 deaths in Ahmedabad, 17 positive and 2 deaths in Surat, 13 positive in Gandhinagar, 13 positive and 2 deaths in Bhavnagar, 10 positive and 1 death in Vadodara, 10 positive cases in Rajkot, 3 positive cases in Porbandar, Porbandar. 2 positive, 2 positive in Mehsana, 2 positive in Patan, one positive in Panchmahal and one killed, 1-1 corona positive in Chotaudepur and Jamnagar. Traces have been registered.
Update Gujarat
>> 10 more suspects sent to test lab in Rajkot, 10 including three children
>> Cluster quarantine of Danilimda area of ​​Ahmedabad coming from Corona positive to locals
>> Rajkot police planted speakers in drone
A total of 144 positive cases, 11 deaths, 21 discharges in Gujarat

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