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Wednesday 15 April 2020

India Corona Update date 15-4-2020

India Corona Update date 15-4-2020

Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Health, Love Agarwal, said at a regular press conference that the area would be divided into different zones as per the Corona case across the country. The districts will be divided into three categories. These include hot spot district, non hot spot district and green zone district. The Cabinet Secretary spoke with the Chief Secretary of the state, DGP, Health Secretary, DM, SP etc. through a video conference today. Love Agarwal said, "These hotspots were discussed. 170 district hot spots will be declared, non-hotspots are 207 districts.

The number of coronary infections in the country has increased to 11,921. Maharashtra recorded 117 new cases on Wednesday, out of which 66 were from Mumbai and 44 from Pune. There are 56 more cases against Gujarat today. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani's test has been negative. On the other hand, 117 infected people have been confirmed in Indore in Madhya Pradesh, 41 in Rajasthan and 23 in West Bengal. The figures are from and information from the state government. Today, the death toll from coronas in the country is 405. Nine more people have died today. 2-2 patients have died in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier on Tuesday, more than 1,000 new Corona cases were reported in the country. The maximum number of 350 patients was met in Mumbai on Tuesday. There are now 2684 infections in Maharashtra. On Tuesday, 18 people were killed. In addition, 102 new cases have been filed in Uttar Pradesh and 108 in Rajasthan. On the other hand, the epidemic is spreading in Jammu and Kashmir too.

On the other hand, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday evening that in the last 24 hours, 1643 new cases of coronas have come up in the country. This is the largest number of infections in a single day. The first came against 124 April 1342, 854 patients on April 10. The Ministry of Health announces statistics for the last 24 hours every evening. Simultaneously, counting starts at in the morning. According to this corona tracker, 1033 new patients have been received from Tuesday morning to night.

Ministry of Health Press Conference

  •  One failure can be a nationwide failure: the Ministry of Health
  •  Districts to be divided into hotspots, non-hotspots and green zones: Ministry of Health
  • Special teams have been created for the containment zone.
  •  There are 170 districts with hotspots in the country: Ministry of Health
  • There is no community transmission in the country yet
  • The death toll in the country reached 399A
  • The death toll from the corona virus is increasing in the country. So far 404 people have died. Within the last 15 hours, 8 people have died. The first death occurred in Meghalaya on Wednesday. Has died. The deceased was a 69-year-old doctor. Earlier, two doctors died in Indore in Madhya Pradesh and 1 doctor in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh. On the other hand, two patients have died in Pune, Gujarat and Maharashtra. In Telangana and Karnataka, 1-1 patients were killed. Earlier Tuesday, 33 infections were reported in the country. These figures have been released by different state governments.

Important updates

  • Locals attacked a police team in Motihari of Bihar, killing 3 including security guards.
  • NSA to prosecute accused in stoning case in Moradabad: CM Yogi
  • Attack on health department team in Aurangabad in Bihar, rioting doctors and health workers
  • 150 policemen and Deputy SP Kotwali sent to Quarantine in Ranchi

Police took action on Wednesday in connection with a crowd gathering at the Bandra station in Mumbai. About a thousand workers have been sued for violating the lockdown. As well as the arrest of Vinay Dubey, an NGO operator, a journalist has been arrested for spreading rumors. Police claim that these people have spread rumors that the train and bus have been started.
In Meghalaya, 2000 people who have been contacted by a doctor have been quarantined. One patient was also killed here.
10 staff in a hospital in Mumbai were exposed to positive, patients.
The state of the major states

Transition has spread in 25 out of 52 districts of Madhya Pradesh. After Indore, Bhopal is also getting worried. After Indore, the situation in Bhopal is becoming worrisome. Now the situation is pointing to community transmission. The administration was aiming to collect five thousand samples in four days from the Jahangirabad area of ​​Bhopal after the Indore barrier was disrupted. Jahangirabad is the area where Nizamuddin was the largest movement of the Jamaatis from Markaz. So far 761 people have been infected in the state.

Uttar Pradesh, infected 705, has come up against 45 new cases of corona virus here on Wednesday. Of these, 31 are in Lucknow, 13 in Agra and one case is in Sitapur district. The number of corona positives in the state has increased to 705. The transition so far has killed 11 people. There are about 400 deposits among the infected in the state. 8 Madrasa students who are exposed to deposits in Kanpur are infected.

Maharashtra, Infected 2699 - Up to 10 more health workers at a hospital were found to be infected on Wednesday, while the hospital is treating 35 workers in the coronary crisis. With the arrival of 5 new patients in Dharavi, the number of infected people has dropped to 60, while 7 people have died in Dharavi. Police have arrested Vinay Dubey on the charge of spreading rumors in Mumbai. In Mumbai, 350 new cases of infection have surfaced on Tuesday. So far 178 people have died due to this epidemic,  The maximum number of people is 259.



Rajasthan, Infected -1034, has come up against 29 new Corona cases in the last 12 hours in Rajasthan. Jaipur has the highest number of 15. With this, the number of transitons in the city has increased to 470. The lockdown here has seen 74 foreign nationals from 15 countries staying in different hotels for the first time. It also includes tourists from the United States, Britain and France. These people said, "At present, we are more secure in India." We will follow the embassy decision of our country. 108 new cases of infection came out here on Tuesday. Out of which 83 patients from Jaipur were reported positive, 13 in Jodhpur, 08 in Kota, 2 in Jhalawar and 1-1 in Jhunjhunu and Jaisalmer. Jaipur has the highest number of 453 patients in the state. Then 82 in Jodhpur, while 59-59 are infected in Tonk and Banswad.