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Tuesday 28 April 2020

India Corona update date 28-4-2020

India Corona update date 28-4-2020

  • Union Medical Minister Dr. Harshvardhan said not a single positive has been found in 17 districts in the last 28 days
  •  On Tuesday, 66 new cases of corona were found in Rajasthan, 82 in Andhra Pradesh and 8 in Karnataka.

New Delhi. The number of coronaviruses in the country has risen to 29,663. These figures are as per the information received from and the state government. According to the Union Ministry of Health, there are 29,435 infected people in the country. Out of which 21 thousand 632 are undergoing treatment, 6868 have recovered and 934 have died.

People in Delhi are worried about rations
During the ongoing lockdown in the country, people in Mandavali area of ​​Delhi have been annoyed for rations for the last 11 days. All these people are poor and depend on government shops for rations.

Press conference of the Ministry of Health

  • 1543 new cases of corona in 24 hours: Ministry of Health
  • It would be wrong to make any kind of claim about plasma therapy: Ministry of Health
  • Corona's recovery rate is still 23.3%.
  • There is currently no therapy for corona in the world: Ministry of Health
  • Plasma therapy can be used for research and trials
  • 934 deaths so far due to corona: Ministry of Health
  • Corona patient shares any belongings at home with family members: Ministry of Health
  • Trials on plasma therapy are ongoing
  • Risk if plasma therapy is not chosen correctly
  • No Approved Therapy for Corona: Ministry of Health
  • House to house survey conducted in Ahmedabad ઃ MHA
  •  Testing is underway from the system
  • Hospital facilities in Gujarat are satisfactory
  •  Lockdown and social distressing are being observed in Ahmedabad.
  • Good arrangements have been made for the workers in Ahmedabad
  • Not a single case from 28 days in 17 districts: Ministry of Health

Important updates of the day

  • Union Medical Minister Dr. Harshvardhan said on Tuesday that not a single case of corona has been reported in 80 districts of the country for 7 days and in 47 districts for 14 days. Also, no case has been reported in 39 districts in the last 21 days. Thus not a single positive case has been found in 17 districts in the last 28 days.
  • At Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Delhi, 60 staff including doctors tested positive
  • In Lucknow, 7 new cases of corona virus have been reported, all of which have been admitted to the hospital
  • Lockdown in Delhi will be relaxed from today. The Delhi government has lifted the ban on cattle breeders, plumbers and electrical workers after reviewing Corona's condition. The Delhi Disaster Management Authority's order also allows health workers, lab technicians and scientists to travel interstate.
  •  One more doctor has died due to corona virus in West Bengal, so far two doctors have fallen victim to corona.

Transition spread to 26 States and 6 Union Territories

The corona virus has so far spread to 26 states in the country. At the same time, the transition has reached 6 Union Territories (UTs). These include Delhi, Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar, Ladakh and Puducherry.