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Wednesday 13 May 2020

2018 Hindi picture Collection enjoy your favourite FlLLM entertainment.

2018 Hindi picture Collection enjoy your  favourite FlLLM entertainment.

Education-based films may not seem like a profitable venture, but in the last few years many such films have tasted tremendous success like Super 30 [2019], CHHICHHORE [2019] and HICHKI [2018]. And the film that started this trend in recent times was Hindi Medium [2017]. The film is credited for its message, reality, humor and acting. And now producer Dinesh Vijan is back with the second part of this franchise, with the English Medium title. The film has been eagerly awaited mainly because it is the kind of comeback for Irrfan Khan after he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor. So does English medium manage to entertain and impress as much as Hindi medium? Or does it fail to impress? Let's analyze.

I believe the stakes have to be raised. The first film was a mashup of Telugu films Varsham, The Karate Kid and The Raid: Redemption. The tiger single-handedly took over the entire building full of assassins.

 The second film was a remake of the Telugu film Kshanam. In a 16 minute long climax, Tiger destroyed the villain and his army. Baagi 3 is an adaptation of the 2012 Tamil film Vettai. In that film the two brothers went against the local gangsters. But Tiger needs strong opposition so director Ahmed Khan, who also designed the action, decided to pit him against the war-torn country. Of course, the film has no real interest in Syria or its people. Rebel 3 was shot in large numbers in Serbia, which fills for Syria. The ruined landscape is mostly used to make Tiger look more heroic. Is that problematic? Yes. But the film also advocates encounter murder and accidentally shows the father whipping the child with a belt..

Neither the rest of the cast including the wonderful Jaideep Ahlawat and Vijay Verma. At the climax, they exchanged this look of bonding and I felt like they were quietly asking each other if the paycheck was worth it. Shraddha Kapoor, who lives in Bagi, is back to play the one-note character of Charpi Girlfriend. And then there's Ritish Deshmukh, who is proudly roaring like Ronnie's cowardly big brother Vikram. 

What is a printer? It is the phonetic sound of splash. You hear it when the acid hits the skin. The recipient is regularly a woman and the attacker is always a man who seeks revenge through the stain. He hopes the acid will change the face of his victim and consequently his life. 

Whenever Vikram is in trouble he screams, ‘Ronnie’ and Ronnie appears. She is inadvertently mad. Like a moment, when Vikram was attacked, the two brothers reunited for the first time. They shed tears against each other and a very horrible villain awaits Gaza and generously allows them to achieve a family moment. Disha Patani also pops up to dance in a Syrian nightclub and provide a momentary relief from the angry action.

Scattering a woman physically and mentally is a felony. Society dictates that beauty is a superpower - especially for women. With Acid, the offender hopes to show his target who the boss is. But Lakshmi Agarwal was attacked by Stalker when she was just 15 years old