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Sunday 17 May 2020

India Corona update 17-5-2020

India Corona update 17-5-2020

  • Jammu and Kashmir received the highest number of 108 patients in a single day, out of which 12 were pregnant women
  • Railway Minister said: Collector sends list of workers, we will send special train to district
New Delhi. The Tamil Nadu government has also decided to extend the lockdown in the state till May 31. It has earlier decided to extend the lockdown in Maharashtra, Punjab, Mizoram till May 31. Curfew in Punjab will end on May 18.

The number of corona infections in the country has risen to 91,374. On Sunday, 422 patients were found in Delhi, 123 in Rajasthan, 91 in Orissa, 54 in Karnataka, 25 in Andhra Pradesh and 3 in Assam. The first case of transition in the country came to light on January 31. 74 days later, on April 13, it was 10,454. However the last 10 thousand transition cases have increased in 3 days. As of May 13, there were 78,056 patients. Three days later, on May 16, the figure crossed 90,000.
This is the highest increase of 4,792 patients in a single day on Saturday, while 3,979 patients have recovered. On the other hand, it has crossed 10,000 in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. These figures are based on information received from and state governments. According to the Union Ministry of Health, there are 90,927 infected people in the country. 53,946 patients are undergoing treatment. 34,108 has gotten better. While 2,872 people have died.

Updates ---

The lockdown in the state has been announced to be extended till May 31, as cases of corona positive are on the rise in Maharashtra.

On Saturday, 1606 patients in Maharashtra, 1057 in Gujarat, 477 in Tamil Nadu, 438 in Delhi, 213 in Rajasthan, 201 in Uttar Pradesh, 195 in Madhya Pradesh, 115 in West Bengal, 112 in Bihar and 108 in Jammu and Kashmir reported positive.

In Gujarat, 700 super spreader corona have been found positive. The administration campaigned for this after receiving an alert from the Health Bridge app. People who are involved in the business of essentials like fruits, vegetables, milk are called super spiders. They come in contact with many people. This increases the risk of spreading the infection.
Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has said that we are ready to send labor special trains to any district. The collector can forward the list of workers trapped there to the railway nodal officers. Railways have sent 1.4 million people to their states by 1,074 special trains till May 15.

The lockdown in Punjab has been extended till May 31, but it has been decided not to impose curfew from May 18. Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has directed the Center to implement a nationwide lockdown. Mizoram has also decided to extend the lockdown there itself.

Madhya Pradesh, Infected-4790  Lockdown-4 rule is going to be implemented from tomorrow. The state government has sent a proposal to the Center to change the definition of zone. It said that 80 per cent of the total cases in the infected district should be considered as red zone. Accordingly Bhopal, Ujjain will come in the red zone. The rest of the districts with more than 20 per cent cases have been demanded to be considered as Orange Zone and the districts with less than 20 per cent cases as Green Zones.

Maharashtra, Infected-30706  Lockdown in the state's containment area has been extended till May 31. Central security forces are on duty in the worst-affected areas of Mumbai and Pune. Security forces marched on Saturday in some areas of Pune. So far 1135 people have died in the state.
Uttar Pradesh, Infected-4265 20 In the last 24 hours, 203 patient reports have come positive in the state. That’s the highest number of infections in a single day. Earlier in the first week of May, 177 patients were met in one day. Nine infected people died on Saturday.

Rajasthan, Infected-5083 ઃ There have been 123 positive cases of infected people here on Sunday. There were 37 cases in Jaipur, 18 in Dungarpur, 16 in Udaipur, 11 in Jodhpur, 10 in Rajsamand, 7 in Sikar, 6 in Pali, 5 in Bikaner, 2 in Kota and 2 in Junjun.

Delhi, Infected-9333 ઃ Here on Sunday 425 cases of corona positive came up. While 19 people died, 276 patients recovered. A total of 5405 patients are undergoing treatment.



Bihar, Infected-1178 ઃ Here in the last 24 hours 146 cases of corona patients have come positive. So far 453 patients have recovered, while 8 have died. The recovery rate in the state 10 days ago was 55 per cent, which dropped to 38 per cent when migrant workers returned to the state.