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Sunday 24 May 2020

India Corona update date 24-5-2020

India Corona update date 24-5-2020

  • A record 6,663 cases were registered in a single day yesterday
  • In Delhi, prisoners above the age of 60 will get emergency parole
  • First case of corona infection reported in Sikkim, report of student returning from Delhi comes positive
  • In Maharashtra, the number of corona patients rose to 47,190 and the death toll to 1,577

The number of corona infections in the country has reached 1 lakh 32 thousand 753. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases. More than 47,000 are infected here. It is followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar. However, the highest testing is taking place in Delhi and the lowest testing is taking place in Delhi. In Delhi, 8330 people per 10 lakh population and only 512 people in Bihar are examined daily. As many as 29 lakh 23 thousand 421 samples have been tested in the country till 9 am on Sunday. More than one lakh samples are being tested every day in the country since May 19.

The most infected grew

Today, 508 patients in Delhi, 83 in Bihar, 67 in Odisha, 52 in Rajasthan, 13 in Chandigarh, 11 in Goa and 4 in Assam have reported positive. In the last 24 hours, 439 infections have been reported. On the other hand, the highest number of 6,661 patients was added yesterday, Saturday. There were 2608 patients in Maharashtra, 759 in Tamil Nadu, 591 in Delhi, 396 in Gujarat, 282 in Uttar Pradesh, 201 in Madhya Pradesh and 248 in Rajasthan. The Delhi Jail Department has decided to give emergency parole to patients over the age of 60 at risk of corona. The figures are based on information received from and state governments. According to the Central Health Department, 1 lakh 31 thousand 868 patients have been found in the country. Of these, 73 thousand 560 patients are undergoing treatment. While 54 thousand 440 patients have recovered and 3867 people have died.

Updates  of the day

Railways has said that so far 2818 labor special trains have been run in the country. Of these, 565 trains will run on Sundays. 2253 train journey has been completed. A further 60 trains are being operated.
In Jalandhar, Punjab, some migrant workers have been sitting under the flyover for 5 days waiting for registration to go to their village. He says he has not even got food or water here.
A woman in Odisha gave birth to a child in a labor special train. The train was going from Secunderabad in Telangana to Balangir in Odisha. When the train reached Balangir, the woman was admitted to the hospital. The baby and mother are in good health.

The first case of corona infection has been reported in Sikkim. Here is the report of a 25-year-old student returning from Delhi. The student had recently returned from Delhi.
There is a total lockdown in Kalburgi, Karnataka today. All shops here except Medical will be closed from 7 a.m. Monday. There have been more than 1950 cases of transition in the state. Of these, 136 patients are in Kalburgi alone.
 Status of 5 States and 1 Union Territory

Madhya Pradesh, Infected-6371  In the last 24 hours, 51 patients in Bhopal, 75 in Indore, 25 in Ujjain and 30 in Neemuch have tested positive for coronary heart disease. Indore ranks seventh in terms of number of patients. A total of 2933 are infected.

Maharashtra, Infected-47190: In the last 24 hours, 87 police personnel have tested positive for corona. The state has received 2608 new cases from last Saturday to Sunday morning. While 60 patients have died due to corona. So far a total of 1577 people have lost their lives in the state.

Uttar Pradesh, Infected-6017  More than 1000 patients have been admitted here in the last 5 days. Unexpectedly, this increase is due to migrant workers. In the last 24 hours, 288 new cases have been registered in the state. Firozabad, Aligarh and Bulandshahr have 1-1 deaths. With this, the number of deaths due to the disease in the state has risen to 155.

Rajasthan, Infected -6794 52 52 infected patients were found here on Sunday. Of these, 18-18 patients were found in Jaipur and Ajmer, 4-4 in Nagaur and Dungarpur, 2-2 in Bikaner and Barmer, 1-1 in Junjunu, Kota, Dosa and Jodhpur. With this, the number of deaths due to the disease in the state has risen to 161.

Delhi, Infected- 13418 50 Here on Sunday 508 patients came corona positive. Here 6,617 patients are undergoing treatment and 6540 patients have recovered. Here 500 to 600 infected are increasing every day in the last 5 days.



Bihar, Infected-2477  Reports of 83 Corona suspects came positive here on Sunday. Of these, 35 patients were found in Katihar, 11 in Rohtas, 9 in Begusarai, 6 in Munger, 3-3 in Madhubani Gopalganj and Kaimur, 2-2 in Khagadia, Nalanda, Bhagalpur, Banka and Aurangabad, while 1-1 in Jehanabad, Nawada and Arwal.