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Tuesday 19 May 2020

Starting S.T. Bus Service in gujarat News report

Starting S.T. Bus Service in gujarat News report

During lockdown-4 in Gujarat, except Ahmedabad, ST. Buses have been announced to start. It will be started in phases from tomorrow. Gujarat Transport Minister R. C. Faldu had a special talk with ABP Asmita about this. As well as gradually resuming the service of ST. The bus will operate in 4 zones from tomorrow. The bus will operate in North, Central South and Saurashtra. The bus of that zone will run in that zone only.

R.C. Faldu said that ST service would be resumed in all Gujarat except Lockdown-4 except Ahmedabad and Containment Zone. This morning our MD had a lengthy discussion with the senior officers of ST through video conference. Region wise buses will run from tomorrow. Phased buses will be started in areas other than the containment zone.

Giving important information about the bus fare, Faldu said that the fare will be the same as before. As well as 60 per cent passengers will be seated in the bus. He also said that buses would be running during the day as there was a curfew from 7 pm to 7 am.