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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Lock App - Smart App Locker indian app

Lock App - Smart App Locker indian app

#1 app locker in 54 countries. Millions of satisfied users
Lightweight, ad free, approved by Google

Lock them easily on your phone. Completely Free, No Ads, and Small size

Know based on Android Linux operating system and include the same security issues. So in my opinion the Android system is more likely to be safe than not secure. That's because the core of the Android system properly protects itself, but the user may allow malicious programs to damage your device. Android system has a lot of layers to protect your device from "bad" running applications. First of all, it is preferable to install applications from the Google Play Store. Google Play apps are a reliable source and there is very little chance of downloading a malicious application from Google Play, as it happens

UCBrowser, DU Browser, CM Browser and APUS Browser


Both the apps constantly add new features and are very safe options. Alternatively, you can also try JioBrowser.  Browser when it comes to its engaging News and Entertainment content.

YouCam Makeup, BeautyPlus, and Photo Wonder Alternative

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera is a pretty good alternative to consider to replace any popular photo editing tools on your handset.
SHAREit and Xender

SuperBeam is a popular alternative to file sharing apps like SHAREit and Xender. Users can use Wifi Direct, NFC or QR codes for sharing large files and can also be used to transmit files to and from your computer.

A lot of people today use antiviruses in their daily lives. You can find them on your friend's desktop computer, at computer club work or on computers. But what about antiviruses on your smart phones and tablets. Do we need protection against viruses and other harmful programs? Do we need to install antiviruses on our Android devices? To answer that question I started writing this article. It has advantages and disadvantages as well, as I can say clearly about those questions. The advantage of antiviruses is that they can locate and inform the user about viruses and other suspicious programs. But, here we can see the very main disadvantage - Android antiviruses cannot delete these apps automatically.

 The user should manually delete it to remove the Android tools software using the built-in. Antiviruses can scan system threads, remove programs ads, and warn you about apps that are unlikely to run on your device. You will slow down the system speed, because if you install them on an old smart phone, antiviruses eat up all the resources. Now I haven't found any antiviruses programs on my mobile phone and nothing bad has happened.


How it works ?

• Lock any app in the App Locker
• When the locked app is launched on your phone, your will be asked for a password
• Enter the set password to unlock the app

Other features


Only app in PlayStore with

• No Ads
• Completely Free
• Smallest Size
• No battery impact
• Regularly updated
• Fingerprint unlock option
• Super secret mode - Hide icon of the app
• Support for : Pin Lock, Pattern Lock, Password Lock and intuitive Crash Screen Lock