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Wednesday 10 June 2020

Schools in Normal view : NCERT of schools submits draft of guideline to Center, now add-even schools will start

Schools in Normal view : NCERT of schools submits draft of guideline to Center, now add-even schools will start

  • NCERT's suggestion: Better to teach under the open sky instead of the room
  • 10 minutes interval between school hours as standard, so that students do not get together
  • The Center will issue a final decision on the draft issue of NCERT and issue guidelines
  • If you have to take a class in a bad weather room, the AC will be off, the doors will be open

The NCERT has submitted a draft of the guideline to the government in preparation for opening the schools. According to the draft, students studying in the same class in the same standard will not be called together after the school opens. For this, add-even formula according to roll number will be adopted or classes will be taken in two shifts. Students will be spaced 10-10 minutes as per the norms to reach the school. The draft also suggests that classes be taken under the open sky for the purpose of social distance.

In addition only one student can be seated on one seat for transport and more details will be revealed in the guide. Where there is a hostel, the bed should be kept at a distance of 6-6 feet and only 33% of the total capacity students can stay in the hostel.

The school will open in 6 phases

  • The first phase - 11th and 12th classes will start.
  • After 1 week - 9th and 10th classes will start.
  • After 2 weeks - Classes 6 to 8 will start.
  • After 3 weeks - 3rd to 5th standard classes will start.
  • After 4 weeks - first standard class will start.
  • After 5 weeks - Nursery-KG classes can be started with the consent of the parents. Containment zone schools will be closed.
  • School: A distance of 6 feet is required between the children in the class

Only 30 or 35 children can be accommodated in the class. Need a distance of 6 feet between students.
AC will not run in class. Doors and windows will be open.
Students will have to be called on an odd-even basis but also given home assignments on a daily basis.
The name will be written on the desk so that the children can sit in one place every day.
Morning assembly and annual festival will not be held.
Kids: Can't share notebooks, pencils, snacks


Every child needs a mask.

Children cannot share notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.
Water will be brought from home. Breakfast cannot be shared with anyone.
Students who do not maintain social distance in school will be notified to their parents.