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Tuesday 25 August 2020

August Unit test pdf Gujarat Std 4 Environment

August Unit test pdf Gujarat Std 4 Environment

However, in 2017, the University Grants Commission (UGC) declared that online exams conducted for distance learning degree courses were invalid. Therefore, universities were left with only the opposite option i.e. conducting exams through regional test centres.

Distance Learning Exams Through Regional Test Centres
This is the foremost common way of conducting examinations for distance learning courses in universities in India and therefore the world. the subsequent points contain the small print of distance learning examination process through regional test centres.

Distance learning universities usually have regional test centres at various locations.
Some universities like Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) may have a high number of centres functional in almost every corner of the country. While the amount of test centres for other smaller universities could also be significantly fewer.

Students need to select the regional test centre for his or her course at the time of registration.

Students are required to physically visit these regional test centres of distance learning universities to seem for the examinations.

The duration of distance learning courses is usually flexible. For eg. degree courses in IGNOU are often 3 - 6 years long. In such cases, students have the selection to register for or skip the examinations.

This way of conducting the examinations proves to be the foremost convenient for the schools also because the students. While the schools don't need to invest in expensive infrastructures and may believe their associations with existing institutions, students can simply visit their nearest centre to require exams.

New Examination Process for Distance Learning Courses
However, keeping student safety in mind thanks to the continued COVID-19 crisis, universities are refraining from conducting the examinations through the regional test centre process. UGC constituted a committee of experts who were tasked with suggesting new models for conducting examinations amidst the continued crisis. The committee suggested three new models for conducting examinations. Given below are the small print of those three models.

Model 1: Written Subjective-Type Examinations
The examinations are going to be conducted using Google Classroom and Google Meet.
Classroom and Meet are two software's that are widely getting used to shift ongoing courses to online mode.


Teacher uploads the questions on Google Classrooms.

Student joins Google Meet with camera and audio and accesses the question paper.

The student writes the answers on a clear sheet of paper and uploads an equivalent before the stipulated deadline.

UGC has suggested keeping a maximum deadline of 1.5 hours and a maximum batch size of 30 students for this model.