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Wednesday 12 August 2020

Krishna Janmotsav will be celebrated tonight at 12 noon, you can worship Lord Krishna sitting at home in 10 easy steps

Krishna Janmotsav will be celebrated tonight at 12 noon, you can worship Lord Krishna sitting at home in 10 easy steps

Krishna Janmashtami is being celebrated on August 12 in several major Krishna temples across the country, including Mathura and Dwarka. According to Garg Samhita and Srimad Bhagavat Mahapuran, Lord Krishna was born in the Rohini constellation at midnight on the eighth day of Vad Paksha in the month of Shravan in the Dwapar era. During this time the Moon was in its higher sign Taurus. Shrikrushna Janmashtami festival will be celebrated tonight as such a position of the planet Nakshatra occurs today.

For Janmashtami fast, one should wake up early in the morning and perform general worship of Lord Krishna. After that, one should fast all day with water, flowers and rice in hand and resolve to worship at night. Mo should be towards east or north direction while taking Sankalp. Then go to Lord Krishna temple and offer flowers, tulsi leaves and peacock feathers to the Lord. Then offer prasad. Then serve Gaumata. Donate money or green grass to a cowshed. Meals should be taken only once in Janmashtami vows.

In the evening of Janmashtami festival, it is important to worship Laddu Gopal, the child form of Lord Krishna. At the same time, the incarnations of Lord Vishnu are specially worshiped. Special worship of Bal Gopal on this day increases happiness and peace in the house. The day is also auspicious for worshiping Lord Krishna. In which anointing, adornment and bhajan can be done. At the same time, Shrikrushna Janmotsav is celebrated at midnight i.e. Nishita Muhurat.

Ritual of worship: -

  • 1. Arrange worship in the temple of the house. Worship Ganesha first. Pour pure water over Ganesha. Top with rice with sandalwood. Flower climb. Light the incense-lamp.
  • 2. Worship Lord Krishna after Ganesha. Bathe Lord Krishna.
  • 3. Clean Krishna Namah Mantra by chanting the idol of Lord Krishna again with pure water Panchamrut and then bathe with pure water. Then offer the dress.
  • 4. Wear jewelry after dressing. Then add sandalwood, rice, abir, gulal, ashtagandha, flower, perfume, janoi and tulis.
  • 5. Offer garlands-flowers, fruits, sweets, janoi, coconuts, dried nuts, leaves, dakshina and other worship materials. Light the incense-lamp.
  • 6. Keep the basil leaves and offer butter-candy. Then ascend the pan and ascend to the south.
  • 7. Chant Om Krishnay Govinday Namo Namah Mantra.
  • 8. Light the camphor. Do Aarti. Circulate after Aarti.
  • 9. Apologize for a mistake made in worship.
  • 10. Finally distribute the prasad to other devotees and also receive the prasad yourself.