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Friday 11 September 2020

Playing more games Mental illness, children with it spend more time on screen, these 5 things parents can recognize it

Playing more games Mental illness, children with it spend more time on screen, these 5 things parents can recognize it

The Indian government last Wednesday banned 118 Chinese apps, including the popular game PUBG. India has the highest number of PUBG game users in the world. Many people became so addicted to the game that they committed murder and suicide. Many users also lost their mental control.

Mental health experts say the government's decision is good. According to a report by Censor Tower, PUBG has over 73 crore downloads worldwide, while 23.8 per cent of the game's downloads are in India alone. This figure is higher than any other country in the world.

According to experts, people suffer from gaming disorders
Shikha Sharma, an assistant professor and psychologist at Gitanjali Hospital in Udaipur, Rajasthan, calls this a gaming addiction. "It's just a habit and it's called an internet disorder," he said. The sufferer has no control over the gaming and prioritizes the game over anything else.

What is gaming addiction and how parents save their children.
People who play games have noticed that they are busy on the mobile screen and they do not see anything else. Dr. "There could be two big reasons," Sharma said. The first achievement and the second motivation. Children are more attracted to being challenged. It involves grouping, crossing levels and motivating children as they cross the stage.

How do parents recognize children have a gaming habit?
Getting angry: If your child is playing a game all day and his behavior has changed, parents should be careful. A child with this disorder may get angry over small things.
Daily routine gets worse: If anyone is addicted to gaming, they will give priority to the game. This can be a sign if someone spends time behind gaming putting all day work to the side.
Not being able to work: The victims of gaming habit are not only children but also adults. People living at home should be aware that if a man does not do his job properly, he may suffer from a gaming disorder.
Deterioration of study: This is common in children, as the effect of excessive gaming appears on the study. Parents should be concerned that their children's studies have deteriorated.
Loss of contact with people: A person with gaming disorder spends most of his time behind a mobile. In such a situation he does not even like to meet anyone. All the time he is only hungry for gaming.

How to keep children away from gaming disorders
According to Dr. Sharma, nowadays no one in the family has time for each other. In many cases people are so busy that they do not even have time to talk to each other. The best way to overcome this is to establish discipline in the family.

According to him, a rule should be made that one meal should be eaten by all together. It helps to overcome many problems on a mental level. In addition, these 5 things can help you get out of the game habit ...

Outdoor Activity: If someone has a habit of playing at home, parents should encourage them to get out of the habit. Parents should prepare children for things like outdoor games and exercises.

Fix mobile and internet time: This advice is beneficial for people who are struggling with gaming addiction, because if you limit your mobile and internet time, you will also have time for other work. Fix your mobile and internet time.

Focus on the hobby: The habit of constantly playing games causes a person to start ignoring the things they like, while these are the only things that can save you from a gaming disorder. Parents should also encourage children to do their old favorite things.



Parents should pay attention to the behavior of children: It is important for parents to pay attention to the behavior of children. Usually young children do not have a phone, but they use a parent's device. In this case you can see their activities to some extent, but in the case of children who have their own mobile phones this becomes difficult. In such cases parents should keep an eye on their online activities. Monitor where the child spends most of their time on the screen.

Seek expert advice: If after all efforts no one is able to overcome gaming addiction, you should seek expert advice. According to a mental health expert, psychotherapy works a lot in such cases.

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