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Saturday 7 November 2020

Eclipse of dates on Diwali: After 32 years, worship of Kalichaudash and Chopda Pujan will have to be done during the day instead of night

  • The year that sits on Monday 16th November, this day will also be celebrated along with Bhai Bij due to the decay of the seed
  • Dhanteras-Kalichaudash gathering on 13th, but can be done on the second day of worship
  • Diwali on the 14th from 2.18 pm to 10.37 am on the 15th

The festivals of Diwali this year have an eclipse of dates, due to which the date of Dhanteras-Kalichaudash and the date of Kalichaudash-Diwali fall on the same day. According to astrologer Ashish Rawal, Dhanteras and Kalichaudash gather on Friday, November 13 this year. The 13th will be Dhanteras from Udit Tithi i.e. sunrise till 6 pm. This will be followed by the date of Kalichaudash, which will last till 2.18 pm on Saturday 14th November. The special worship of Kalichaudash, the worship of Mantra-Tantra can be done only after sunrise on Saturday. The coincidence of worshiping during the day instead of the night in Kalichaudash is coming after 32 years.

The date of Diwali starts at 2.18 pm on Saturday, November 14, which will last till 10.37 am on Sunday, November 15. In the meantime, New Year's Chopda Pujan, Lakshmi Pujan can be performed.

Sunday will be a busy day as no date is available. According to astrological beliefs, it is considered inauspicious to start a New Year's business on a rainy day. Doing muhurat on this day does not keep the business afloat.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતીમા

 According to the Hindu calendar, the new year will begin on Monday, November 16, with a rising date. However, on this day, as the seed is decaying, the seed will also be celebrated together. Depending on the geographical situation and the calendar, the date sometimes decays. 

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