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Saturday 21 November 2020

Gujarat Corona update 21 novembor 2020


 Gujarat Corona update 21 novembor 2020

Corona bombs have exploded in Gujarat. For the first time in the state, 1515 cases have been reported in a single day and the situation is still deteriorating. In the last 24 hours, 9 deaths and 1271 patients have recovered and gone home in the state. With this, the total number of cases so far has reached 1 lakh 95 thousand 917. While the death toll has risen to 3846. So far a total of 1 lakh 78 thousand 786 patients have been discharged. There are currently 13285 active cases in the state. Of which 95 are on ventilator and 13190 patients are stable.

Given the worsening situation in Gujarat, the curfew in Ahmedabad is likely to be extended. The government had said on Friday that the next decision would be taken after considering Corona's condition. The government may now extend the curfew as the case escalates. There is also the possibility that the night may impose additional restrictions in addition to the curfew. It includes a relaxation option from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, strict rules may apply to the container zone. However, no official announcement has been made by the government yet.

Corona's condition in the state is getting worse day by day. Gradually the Corona figure now crossed 1400. However, now that the Corona is slowly coming under control, the numbers are dwindling and at one point the cases are falling below 1,000. However, Diwali saw a sudden surge in the number of cases. Today 1515 new corona patients were registered in the state. 1271 new patients have recovered and returned home in the state. A total of 1,78,786 patients have recovered so far.
The recovery rate of patients in the state has reached 91.26 per cent. The government is also claiming that the number of tests in the state is increasing day by day. A total of 70,388 tests were conducted in the state today. Which is 1028.89 per million per day according to the population of the state. A total of 71,71,44 tests have been conducted in the state so far

Corona has erupted in the state after Diwali. The number of corona infected patients is steadily increasing. The highest number of 1515 new cases of Covid-19 was reported in the last 24 hours. While with the death of 9 more people the total death toll from Corona has reached 3846.

There are currently 13285 active cases in the state, while a total of 178786 people have been discharged. The state currently has 95 patients on ventilator and 13190 people stable. The total number of infected people in the state has reached 1,95,917.

Where and how many deaths

A total of 9 people were found dead in Ahmedabad Corporation, 2 in Surat Corporation, 1 in Gir Somnath-1 and 1 in Rajkot Corporation in the state today.

Where how many reported cases

Ahmedabad Corporation 354 Surat Corporation 211, Vadodara Corporation 125, Rajkot Corporation 89, Banaskantha-55, Gandhinagar Corporation 53, Mehsana 53, Patan-51, Surat-51, Rajkot-48, Vadodara-39, Gandhinagar-36, Kutch-30, 19 cases were reported in Amreli-24, Panchmahal-23, Jamnagar Corporation-21, Jamnagar-20, Kheda-20 and Ahmedabad.

How many patients have recovered today

A total of 1271 patients were cured and 70,388 tests were performed in the state today. With this, 71,71,445 tests have been conducted in the state so far. The recovery rate in the state is 91.26 per cent.

To date, 4,86,806 persons have been quarantined in different districts of the state, out of which 4,86,712 persons are home quarantine and 94 persons have been placed in facility quarantine.

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