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Thursday 3 December 2020

Class 7 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student

Class 7 ncert learning book and offline solutions for all student

  • Get all Class 7 NCERT books for English medium students and Hindi medium students.

Spoken English in 10 days is an application, specially made for the people who want to learn spoken English. English is an international language. In today’s world wherever you go, you must need to speak in English. Learning a second language is not that much hard. All you have to do is practice more and more. That’s why you need to practice examples of different grammatical terms as much as possible. In this application we have discussed different parts of grammar. Each section has lots of examples with understandings of the very basic concepts.

Books covered in Class 7 NCERT Solutions are -

Math book -

  • 1. Mathematics NCERT 7th
  • 2. Example of Mathematics English 7th

Science Book-

  • 1. Science NCERT 7th
  • 2. The problem of science example 7th

English Book: -

  • 1.Hankomb 7th
  • 2.An Alien Hand on the 7th

Social studies book-

  • 1. Social and political life 7th
  • 2. Our Paste-II 7th
  • 3. Our environment 7th..

The books in this application are very helpful for exam preparation in:

  • - School exams and tests
  • - CBSE Board and All State Board Examinations
  • - Doing homework on all subjects

ધોરણ 7 સ્વ-અધ્યયનપોથી

સેમેસ્ટર ૧ 


સેમેસ્ટર  ૨


We all know that spoken English is a necessity today. It is needed for job, business, education and day to day life. This application will help users to read and write basic English to advanced English, speak in English fluently, learn grammar perfectly. Users will learn around 250 types of real life conversation from this application. It is also useful for the students who want to give IELTS, TOEFL examinations.

For doing good in spoken English, you have to speak in English a lot. Don’t hesitate to speak in front of other people. Don’t feel shy if you make mistakes. Start your day by reading at least 2 pages of daily English newspaper. Make a routine for using this application daily and keep learning English. You also have to listen to English songs and watch English movies a lot. Try to practice your day to day learning with some friends.

Sections included here :

1) Tense – 12 types of tenses with examples.

2) Auxiliary verb – Use of do, does, did, am, is, are, was, were, have, has, had, having, be, being, been.

3) Modal verb – Use of different modal verbs.

4) Asking questions with answers.

5) Introductory – Use of it, there, this, these, that, those.

6) Use of adjective and adverbs.

7) Conjunction and liking words – Use of as, as if, as well as, lest, unless, since, because, so that, before, after, and, or, at least.

8) Relative pronoun.

9) Grammar expression – Use of interjection, subjunctive mood, conditional sentence, infinitive, participle, gerund, verbal noun, affirmative, negative, imperative sentence, simple, complex, compound sentence, narrative sentence, repetition of words.

10) Preposition - Use of on, to, at, in, of, off, by, with, for, above, about, away, up, over, under, upon, out, against, behind, from, into, than, within, without, towards, through, between, among, beyond, across, down, below, along, during, per, past.

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