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Monday 21 December 2020

Detail Services Of AIIMS Hospital In Rajkot

 Detail Services Of AIIMS Hospital In Rajkot

  • AIIMS hospital to be set up on 201 acres of land near Khanderi at a cost of Rs 1195 crore, 750 bed facility
  • Aims will come with 'Amrut', an injection of Rs 13,000 will be available for only Rs 800
  • By 2022, 202 types of drugs for cancer and 186 types of heart disease will be available

After the arrival of AIIMS in Rajkot, the health sector of the state will go through a revolution, as Gujarat will see a high quality and high quality health institution functioning like never before. An institution whose equivalent cannot be found in any corporate or private hospital. Operations ranging from OPD to surgery will be done in a very planned manner. Diagnosis at Aims Hospital at Rs 10, bed rent at Rs 35 per day, two people can eat for 10 days at Rs 375. An injection of Rs 13,000 will be available at the hospital for only Rs 800.

An online appointment will be made

Anyone who has to be checked at the AIIMS will no longer have to stand in line, instead they can make an appointment online and arrive on time. If a patient is unable to do so, the AIIMS has a number of counselors who can delete and file a file. Patients will not have to stand in line in case it takes time to be examined, but the waiting lounge will have a good seating arrangement.

Private ward facility for celebrities and celebrities

Assuming any celebrity, leader or elite can enter a special private ward instead of staying in the general ward. There are two types of rooms in which all the equipments are equipped and it is very luxurious but the rent is two to three thousand rupees per day which is the same as a normal private hospital.

Separate entrance test

Aims is the highest level medical college. Admission is not taken through net but special admission test of AIIMS is taken. Only those who get the highest marks in this test get admission so that the AIIMS gets the best resident doctors.

ગુજરાતી ડીટેઇલ ન્યુઝ રીપોર્ટ અહિંથી વાંચો

Doctors from abroad will come under the exchange program

The AIIMS has an exchange program in which AIIMS doctors are sent to foreign medical colleges and hospitals for training and research. In the same way, foreign doctors come here.

Blessed one day bed rent for the poor is Rs. 35 per day

According to the Delhi AIIMS charge, if the patient is admitted, the admission fee is Rs.

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