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Sunday 20 December 2020

STD 3 GUJARATI Unit test December Preparation video

 STD 3 GUJARATI Unit test December Preparation video

વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્રો, 
સરકારશ્રીના શિક્ષણ વિભાગ દ્વારા દરરોજ youtube ચેનલ  Gujarat e-Class પર પ્રસારિત થતા વિડીયોમાંથી ડીસેમ્બર માસની કસોટીમાં સીલેબસ માં જે પાઠ છે તેના વિડીયો જોવાની લીંક મૂકેલ છે.  આ વિડીયો જોઇ આપ આવનારી ડીસેમ્બર માસની કસોટીની તૈયારી સારી રીતે કરી શક્સો.

Bridging the digital divide is just too big and sophisticated for the govt alone to accomplish, Naidu said urging the private sector, especially educational technology firms, to bring products at affordable prices as per the requirements of learners.

"This is some time to form a momentous contribution to nation building and to securing a bright future for all our youngsters ," he said. Quoting Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the vice chairman said that within the future "online should be path , in order that there's no need for any line".

With educational institutes closed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the govt has been encouraging online education to realize academic continuity. Most high-end private and public institutions have made the switch smoothly using online platforms like Zoom, Google classrooms, Microsoft teams, etc., while many still find it a herculean task. The challenges of online education are multifaceted. it's time that we Indians, as a society, understand the realms of online education – in India, for India. 

ધોરણ 3 ગુજરાતી એકમ કસોટી પ્રશ્નપત્ર અહીંથી ડાઉનલોડ કરો 

ધોરણ 3 ગૂજરાતી યુનીટ ટેસ્ટ તૈયારી વિડીયો-1

ધોરણ 3 ગૂજરાતી યુનીટ ટેસ્ટ તૈયારી વિડીયો-2

ધોરણ 3 ગૂજરાતી યુનીટ ટેસ્ટ તૈયારી વિડીયો-3 

This week, Unacademy opened its platform to educational institutions to conduct their classes for free of charge , with none limitations on the hours or number of classes. the tutorial institutions need to register to conduct their live classes on Unacademy, after which the corporate will help these institutions found out their online classes.


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