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Wednesday 9 December 2020

Take the Best Short Term Courses in the Coronation Age, All the Information from Options to Choice

More Knowledge in Less Time: Take the Best Short Term Courses in the Coronation Age, All the Information from Options to Choice

  • Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals
  • Technical short term courses include web development, app development, programming courses like software and data analytics courses like R&P Python programming.
  • Unique courses such as event management, image and telecommunication management courses can be chosen
  • Explore the free course first on the online platform, then go for the paid course


Everything from school to work culture has changed in the Corona period. Now new needs and opportunities have arisen in all fields. Corona may have been devastated by its level, but many are turning this disaster into an opportunity to succeed. College students are currently studying online, ranging from minor omissions. As digitalisation has increased in every sector, new demands have also emerged in the opposite market. People are moving towards different types of online short term courses keeping in view the changing times. Now even young children are learning coding. Divyabhaskar interacted with career counselors to find out what types of courses are available in view of digitalization in this changing trend and what kind of courses have long term benefits. Find out from these experts what kind of short term courses you will benefit from.

Nimish Gopal, founder and director of Ahmedabad-based CareerNaksha, advises on what courses can be taken keeping in mind the coronal period, saying that there are generally 3 types of courses available: technical, non-technical and basic.

Technical type short term courses will be a must for students who are currently graduating or who have just graduated. Nimishabhai says that now that digitalisation has increased, so is the demand for technical courses with soft skills. Technical short term courses can include web development, app development, programming courses like software and data analytics courses like R&P Python programming. Machine learning courses like IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be done. Giving an example, the councilor says, "Suppose you watch Amazon Prime on a TV, then when you turn on the TV, the Prime will turn on first, for which the TV uses AI." Home appliances can now also be controlled via smartphones with IoT.

Now when it comes to non-technical skills, there is a need to learn courses like Basic Communication Skills, Content Writing, Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning. Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning is how to find a solution to a problem. Along with this other professional courses including MS OFFICE, MS EXEL, PPT can also be done.

Basic skills also required

Students who want to get a job after graduation should have skills like technical skills, collaboration, team, leadership etc. Entrepreneurship courses have also become more popular. It takes a lot of work to build up start-ups and micro-brands. Now that the currency of traditional business is declining, this course seems to work for new business ideas.

Pro and multitasking best for career

"Career management and account are evergreen," says Rajendra Upadhyay, a career counselor in Ahmedabad. Now it needs to learn to merge. Event management, image and telecommunication management courses, intellectual property rights and even funeral management can be learned. Currently not loose without becoming tech savvy. Many courses and studies can be done including new GST Rules, Case Study, AI (Artificial Intelligence), OTT (Over the Top) Platforms, Data Science, Actuarial Science courses. Students who are currently studying in 9th or 10th standard should start preparing for competitive exams like CAT and GUJCAT courses from now on.

અહીંથી વાંચો ગુજરાતી રીપોર્ટ લેટર

College students and after 12th standard can prepare for competitive exams including GPSC, UPSC. General Knowledge and Current Affairs can be consolidated by making good use of the present time for any competitive examination. Career based courses such as photography and even selfies are now available in the career.

Courses for students studying in 11th and 12th standard

Coronavirus has changed the whole world. People are sitting with hopes on modern science and technology. Advising the students for the course considering the current time in Teva, Rajendrabhai says that after Std. 12 Science, Group B students can choose Virology and Group A students can choose Genetic Engineering. Many short term courses are also running at present. More productive and multiple skills can be obtained by joining online classes according to your field. Harvard University's low-fee courses are now also available online for free. It should definitely be taken advantage of. Accounts for Commerce and Management as well as Particulars in Accounts are now in vogue for fintech and loan projects.

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic. Nimisbhai Science field students are given courses like Biotech Field and Data Analytics, Commerce field students besides their regular CA courses like Digital Marketing, Tally, MS, Arts students are advised to do new Multiple Languages, AUTOCAD for Designing and ADOBE.

Choose a course by doing psychometric analysis

Now this is about the courses available with the market in mind, but how do you decide what kind of course you should take? For this Nimishabhai advises students to explore themselves. "You can choose courses according to your ability and area of ​​interest," he says. For this you can take the help of psychometric analysis. It has 5 dimensions of Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Skills and Knowledge. Using all these dimensions you can think about a job or a start up. In the current rate race, students cannot decide which field will be best for them. In which field is the future best? For this you can do this analysis and explore your personality and choose the perfect fit course. If a student is proficient in numbers he can do a data analytics course. If one has communication skills first class then he can do a leadership course. Courses like programming, AI, machine learning can be done if interested in software.

Students can do this psychometric test online on their own. For this you can visit websites like,,, etc.

Explore the free course first

80 to 90% of the courses are available for free on today's popular online education platforms like coursera, greatlearning, edx etc. Nimishbhai advises to complete these free courses first and if necessary, pay according to the skills and do other courses. Various courses ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 5 lakh are available on all these platforms. People who want to earn Early Early can take courses in Digital Marketing, Content Writing and Development and Selling Techniques.

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