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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Find any Indian vehicle owner details with single click

Find any Indian vehicle owner details with single click

Want to know your vehicle registration details ?

This vahan info app provides vehicle information.
Dosto Iss application ke baare me bataya hai jisse aap Kisi bhi Vehicle ki Information Track kar sakte hain jaise ki Owner name ,Registration Name and Details....

Friends in this app we learn how to know vehicle owner name with just 1 sms any indian vehicle info & vehicle registration details in hindi we hope u like this app and share This useful app with all ur loving friends.

Best app for all india rto vehicle registration number search.
you can find vehicle registration details of all india addresses in seconds.

App Will give you the below vehicle registration details by giving vehicle number:

Owner Name
Engine Number
Chassis Number
vehicle Registration Date
vehicle Registration City

Verify your vehicle registration details, on which Persons name it is registered. If is not on your name Change it immediately with vahan RTO india.

All rto registration number verification at one place.

How To use this app:

Type your vehicle's first 6 letters (e.g. GJ02) in first box then Like AB in second box and
Now type vehicle Number in third box (e.g. 1234)
Click on "Search" and get details

This application will help a traveller or passenger in many ways and even in the case of a police investigation of an accident or vehicle-related crime, witnesses usually remember the initial area code letters it is then quite simple to narrow down suspect vehicles to a much smaller number by checking the app without having to know the full number.

rto registration number verification is also required during the sale of a vehicle and transfer of its ownership.
Also this application usefull as vehicle information tracker to find your own city, state vehicle registration details in a picnic or a tour spot.
Benefits -
Now find whose car is parked in your parking area.
Who owns the car who dangerously drives through your locality.
People in the business of resale of vehicles can be sure of the documents and ownership.
People buying second hand vehicles can know who was the original owner.
Stray and suspicious car lying close to your home/office or building.
Second hand vahan buyers can confirm whether the ownership is transferred to their name.

App can find the rto registration number verification for the below states in india.
AP Andhra Pradesh rto vehicle information
MH Maharashtra rto vehicle information
AR Arunachal Pradesh rto vehicle information
ML Meghalaya
AS Assam rto vehicle information
MN Manipur
BR Bihar rto vehicle information
MP Madhya Pradesh rto vehicle information
CG Chhattisgarh rto vehicle information
MZ Mizoram
CH Chandigarh rto vehicle information
NL Nagaland
DD Daman and Diu
OD Odisha rto vehicle information
DL Delhi rto vehicle information
PB Punjab rto vehicle information
DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli
PY Puducherry
GA Goa rto vehicle information
RJ Rajasthan rto vehicle information
GJ Gujarat rto vehicle information
SK Sikkim rto vehicle information
HR Haryana rto vehicle information
TN Tamil Nadu rto vehicle information
HP Himachal Pradesh rto vehicle information
TR Tripura
JH Jharkhand rto vehicle information
TS Telangana rto vehicle information
JK Jammu and Kashmir rto vehicle information
UK Uttarakhand rto vehicle information
KA Karnataka rto vehicle information
UP Uttar Pradesh rto vehicle information
KL Kerala rto vehicle information
WB West Bengal rto vehicle information

Click Here To Download PUC Certificate

 PUC Agency application providing you PUC data management.

* Note : From this application you can not generate PUC. It's only for customer data management.

* PUC is an abbreviation of "Pollution Under Control". 

* It is a certificate that is given to the vehicle after having passed a PUC test.

* The certificate vets that the emissions passed from the vehicles meets the pollution control standards.

* PUC validity is 6 month from the date of register PUC.

* PUC Agency application providing you PUC data management.

* No paper work. all the data store in our 100% secure server.

----- How to use PUC Agency ? -----

if you use PUC Agency. First, you have to register in our application.

enter few detail of your agency related.

in registration we require following data :

1. Shop Name

2. Contact Person (Shop Owner Name)

3. Mobile number

4. Address of your shop

5. Password

6. Select shop State

7. Select shop City

* Than login with your Mobile number and password

* We provide following features,

  1. Dashboard

  2. Add Customer

  3. Customer List

  4. Add PUC

  5. Vehicle List

  6. Today PUC List

  7. Expire Soon PUC

  8. Reports


Now, we describe our features in brief 

1. Dashboard : 

   In dashboard we display main counters like Total customer of your shop, Today how many PUC you have to submit, Total PUC Submitted, and How many PUC's are expired 

tomorrow. This are detail we display in dashboard.

2. Add Customer :

   In add customer, you can add new customers in your account. Just enter customer name and mobile number. mobile number is confidential to enter because we cannot enter same 

mobile number.

3. Customer List :

   In Customer List, you can view list of your customers. you can edit or delete of your customers.

4. Add PUC :

   This is the main part of our application. You have a quation how to add PUC ?

   First Select your customer from list.

   Select customers vehicle type like 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler etc.

   Select Vehicle company from the list.

   Select Vehicle model name.

   Enter Vehicle RTO registered number 

   and last select Date of Submitting PUC

   After submitting all the values than click on "ADD PUC".


5. Vehicle List :

   In Vehicle List, you can view vehicle list reference by Vehicle Type and Vehicle Company.


6. Today PUC List :

   In Today PUC List, we provide you how many PUC submitted today. View all the details related PUC.

7. Expire Soon PUC : 

   In Expire Soon PUC, we provide you how many PUC are expires tomorrow. it is very easy to find how many PUC expires tomorrow. and also you can notify your customers.


8. Reports :

   In reports we providing you two main reports 

   1. PUC Reports :

      You find PUC reports date wise.

  Q. how many PUC i have submitted from 01-02-2018 to 01-03-2018 ?

  Ans. Just select Start date and End Date you want and press "GO" than display PUC reports by date range.

   2. Expire PUC Reports :

      You find Expire PUC reports date wise.

  Q. how many PUC expire from 01-02-2018 to 01-03-2018 ?

  Ans. Just select Start date and End Date you want and press "GO" than display PUC reports by date range.


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