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Wednesday 24 February 2021

Online Education Home Learning Daily Video 25 February 2021 std 3 to 12

 Online Education Home Learning Daily Video 25 February 2021 std 3 to 12

As all the tutorial institutions remain shut across Gujarat, the state Department of Education has come up with a singular initiative to succeed in bent school students for ensuring that there's no academic loss amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The department has decided that students of Classes 3 to 9 and 11 will now be ready to revise and practice their subjects from the comfort of their homes using regional TV channels that began broadcasting daily hour-long tutorials. The department goes to start out live and recorded lessons through a personal channel .

Under the initiative, which is named door-to-door reaching bent students, the Department of Education has directed nearly 1.5 lakh government primary teachers to succeed in bent all individual students and fork over worksheets, all 51 weekly tests and their answer sheets conducted within the second semester to Class 3 to 9 and 11 students.

These teachers also will publicise and make the beneficiaries conscious of this initiative of lessons to be taught through television.

The various subjects that the revision and practice sessions are arranged include Mathematics, Science and English for the category 7 to 9 students and Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and Accountancy for the scholars of sophistication 11.

Vinod Rao, education secretary of the state, said, “We won't allow students to seat idle reception during the crucial time of educational session. The department is arising with the innovative idea to interact both the scholars and teachers to expedite the imparting process.”

“Students also can avail the service online by choosing from variety of Gujarati TV channels in order that they don't miss out on their academics thanks to the shutdown,” he informed.

The government is additionally mulling to explore other platforms like Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geoinformatics (BISAG), and therefore the state’s educational channel ‘Vande Gujarat’, which may even be possible with the assistance of Jio mobile and DD dish,” consistent with a politician of the Department of Education .

According to a report of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India conducted a survey on education and observed that there are 993 universities, 39931 Colleges and 10725 Stand Alone Institutions listed on their portal, which contribute to education. These institutions further reflect the scholar density of India because the total enrolments in education per annum are nearly 37.4 million, reflecting the expanding horizons of the education industry. the world was seen catching pace by the passing day until Coronavirus impacted the country intensely.

The current pandemic isn't only seen affecting the health of the citizens within the country but is additionally seen hindering various industries and shaking them to their roots. The national lockdown and therefore the ascending health crisis were striking the education of the scholars also , with their universities being shut and their syllabi stranded, until the industry decided to initiate a revolution instead. Reinventing their radicles and making a conscious option to grow even within the time of crisis, the schools decided to digitalise the world . 

Boosting retention of the syllabus by using innovative technology, the schools also are engaging students to find out by choice and not just by their physical presence during a classroom. Furthermore, providing AI-enabled learning by universities as they provide diverse courses in association with other collaborations is merely making the country envision a replacement tomorrow supported educational reforms.

 as an example , medical students can choose interactive sessions to debate specific case studies, engineering aspirants could delve into the depths of environmental engineering and town planning along side the mentors playing videos and conducting online moot sessions for law enthusiasts and far more.

The government has been touting online classes as a viable alternative, but unequal and patchy access to the web has meant the experience is vastly different counting on location and household income.

The government has been touting online classes as a viable alternative, but unequal and patchy access to the web has meant the experience is vastly different counting on location and household income.

We identify the simplest technology which will be applied to your requirements. Designing an eLearning solution may be a process that takes patience, experience and communication. our educational design experts work closely with you to know your specific needs. After we clearly understand your objectives, we create a strategic plan needed for many effective communication. Modules are designed after pin-pointing the training needs.

Along with several researchers, i'm engaging with families across the country who are sharing stories about how they're supporting their children with education needs while schools are closed.


The switch to online education has been ensuring that students suffer no loss of studies and their progress is being tracked simultaneously with timely evaluation. it's probably a primary for India to experiment with the education system and make a paradigm shift to the virtual world, blending classrooms with online learning. Alchemising education with technology and forming a collaborative strategy to tread ahead while providing online lectures also will enable the scholars to find out creatively. 

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