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Monday 22 February 2021

SSC Exam 2021 Model paper SCIENCE Model practice paper 1 pdf Download

 SSC Exam 2021 Model paper SCIENCE Model practice paper 1 pdf Download

Science News Daily is one of the best science apps for Android. This science news app showcases all new scientific discoveries and new inventions from around the world. You don’t have to search for the very latest science (general or physical or environmental) and technology news because this app does it all for you. You can build your own science news feed and stay in the loop. Science News Daily is free to download on Android devices.

Cosmic Watch is one of the better science apps. Cosmic Watch is an app that uses mesmerising and realistic 3D graphics to help illustrate the relative positions and movements of a variety of components in Space. The app exemplifies the views of the earth, sun, planets and more, all in real time.

Cosmic Watch also allows users to manipulate the position of these celestial bodies, create and personalise their view points and caters each experience to the individual to help them gain insight into the ever-changing nature of the universe. This app allows users to understand and visualise concepts which are hard to comprehend from a theoretical standpoint. The app’s ability to provide a ‘sky view’, for users to see the positions of larger stars and celestial bodies from their own location is a fantastic and unique adaptation. This app has a large variety of options to individualise the user experience, resulting in endless opportunities for exploration. 

WolframAlpha app provides information about genomics, molecular biology, human anatomy, neuroscience and individual animals and plants. Using the computational power behind WolframAlpha, you can solve problems involving physics, chemistry, engineering, computational sciences and many other domains.

This app can chart physics and chemistry formulas, list the properties of materials, display information on Earth's geological layers, produce detailed star maps, and much more.

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