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Sunday 14 February 2021

Student database manager app

Student database manager app uses Sqlite database to store the data locally.

  • The data is stored in the user's phone itself.In this app only registered users can perform CRUD operation i.e CREATE,READ,UPDATE,DELETE and SEARCH (i.e entered ID exists or not) the data which is stored in the database.

The Student Data Android based Application enables the teachers of all schools of Himachal Pradesh State Government to Store/capture Student Data by entering the details using mobile app so as to generate School/Class/ Section wise lists for further data entry on the in portal where data of all schools is already available and data entry screen of data fetched from schools through the App will be pushed. The App will work offline to add Student data locally on device. After proper validation of the data, the teachers after providing authentication details will be sending this data to central server using internet.

SMS (School Management System) is an information system to Manage Attendance, Results, HomeWork, NoticeBoard, Notifications of your School.

1. Super Admin
2. Admin
3. Teacher
4. Students/Parents

A. Setup
1. Add/Edit/View Classes
2. Add/Edit/View Subject
3. Add/Edit/View Staff
5. Add/Edit/View Students

B. Attendance
1. Add/Edit/View Attendance
2. Search Attendance by Date, Teacher, Class, Subject and Publish Status
3. Student Attendance Report

C. Fees
1. Add/Edit/View Fee particulars
2. Add/Edit/View Class Fees
3. Set Facilities fee for students
4. Collect Fees

D. Home Work
1. Add/Edit/View Home Work
E. Results
1. Add/Edit/View Results (Test and Exams)
2. Search Results by Date, Class, Result Type (Test or Exam) and Publish Status
3. Student Result Card

F. Notice Board
1. Add/Edit/View Notice Board Entry
G. Notifications
1. Notification Panel for all Users
2. New Result Notification to Students/Parents
3. Student Absence Notification to Students/Parents
4. New Notice Board Entry Notification to all Users

H. Settings
1. Change School info like Name, Image, Address, Mobile etc
3. Change Password
4. Notifications Settings

વાલિએ આપવાનું સમતી પત્રક એક્સલ ફાઈલ સ્વરૂપે ડાઉનલોડ કરો

Student demo app for coaching institutes.

Bodhi AI is platform for coaching institutes to grow and reach 1000s of students with one click .
Coaching institutes can:
1. Go live and impart education online.
2. Create Courses and sell online.
3. Upload Recorded videos.
4. Upload notes.
5. Create unlimited tests.
6. Take attendance.
7. Fees management.
8. Solve doubts of students online.
and many more features...
Bodhi AI is a platform which can be used by coaching institutes/schools / colleges of any field

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