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Wednesday 23 June 2021



STD 6 – E-CONTENT: Dear readers, in today’s issue we will tell you about the importance of e-content. You have heard or seen many readers say that e-content has had a profound effect on their success. Let us first tell you what e.

Friends, you will have many books, magazines, etc. You will find this information on paper. We call this paper content in common languages ​​these days. On the other hand, if the same content is in digital format or electronic form, it is called e-content. You must have heard the name of the e-book or e-magazine.

BSEB Bihar Board Intermediate Admission 2021: Admission will be in 17 thousand lakh seats at Inter, Bihar Board releases list of smart colleges and schools
Bihar Board: Admission will be at 17 thousand lakh seats at Inter
Adoption of KVS 2021: New adoption schedule for Kendriya Vidyalayas released, see details here
A new KVS admission schedule has been released, see details here
KVS 2021 adoption: Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has announced the date of the first class lottery admission process
KVS has released the date of the first class lottery admission process
It has become a matter of what the content of e. Now we will tell you why this has become such an important part of our study today or in other words why e-content has become such an important compulsion for students these days.

In fact, only a few features of e-content make it very important. The most important feature of e-content is that it is updated. It is often seen that books available on the market are one year old. They usually do not have standardized items (current events within a year), while most of the questions in the test are asked about this updated information. In addition, events change rapidly in other subjects such as economics, international relations, day-to-day technology, etc. The content of e therefore becomes more relevant to these. Overall, the latest content on various topics such as economics, law, science and technology etc. is very helpful.
In addition, another important feature of e-content is that it animates the story with colorful illustrations, charts and videos, etc., and paper content contains very few books containing colorful illustrations. , Charts etc. It should be included in the plural. In fact, this does not happen because it creates a huge increase in the price of books.

Standard 6 Maths
No.Chapter NameCourse Link
1સંખ્યા પરિચયView Course
2પૂર્ણ સંખ્યાઓView Course
3સંખ્યા સાથે રમતView Course
4ભૂમિતિ ના પાયા ના ખ્યાલોView Course
5પાયા ના આકારો ની સમજૂતીView Course
6પૂર્ણાંક સંખ્યાઓView Course
7અપૂર્ણાંક સંખ્યાઓView Course
8દશાંશ સંખ્યાઓView Course
9માહિતી નું નિયમનView Course
10માપનView Course
11બીજગણિતView Course
12ગુણોત્તર અને પ્રમાણView Course
13સંમિતિView Course
14પ્રાયોગિક ભૂમિતિView Course
Standard 6 Science
No.Chapter NameCourse Link
1ખોરાક ક્યાંથી મળે છે?View Course
2આહાર ના ઘટકોView Course
3રેસાથી કાપડ સુધીView Course
4વસ્તુઓના જૂથ બનાવવાંView Course
5પદાર્થો નું અલગીકરણView Course
6આપણી આસપાસ થતા ફેરફારોView Course
7વનસ્પતિ ની જાણકારી મેળવીએView Course
8શરીરનું હલનચલનView Course
9સજીવો અને તેમની આસપાસView Course
10ગતિ અને અંતર નું માપનView Course
11પ્રકાશ, પડછાયો, અને પરાવર્તનView Course
12વિદ્યુત તથા પરિચયView Course
13ચુંબક સાથે ગમ્મતView Course
14પાણીView Course
15આપણી આસપાસ ની હવાView Course
16કચરા નો સંગ્રહ અને કચરા નો નિકાલView Course
Standard 6 Social Science
No.Chapter NameCourse Link
1ચાલો ઇતિહાસ જાણીયેView Course
2આદિમાનવ થી સ્થાયી જીવન ની સફરView Course
3પ્રાચીન નગરો અને ગ્રંથોView Course
4ભારત ની પ્રારંભિક  રાજ્ય વ્યવસ્થાView Course
5શાંતિ ની શોધ માં : બુદ્ધ અને મહાવીરView Course
6મૌર્ય યુગ : ચંદ્રગુપ્ત અને સમ્રાટ અશોકView Course
7ગુપ્તયુગ અને અન્ય શાસકોView Course
8ભારત વર્ષ ની ભવ્યતાView Course
9આપણું ઘર પૃથ્વીView Course
10પૃથ્વી ના આવરણોView Course
11ભૂમિ  સ્વરૂપોView Course
12નકશો સમજીયેView Course
13ભારત: ભૂપુષ્ઠ, આબોહવા, વનસ્પતિ અને વન્યજીવView Course
14વિવિધતા માં એકતાView Course
15સરકારView Course
16સ્થાનિક સરકારView Course
17જીવન નિર્વાહView Course
In this application you will find very useful content for you to learn English or practice your knowledge of the language. In addition to games well known as Hangman or Word Search, with which you can review and learn new vocabulary, the application includes grammar questions and word order exercises, so important when learning English.

Are you bored by the classic English lessons? With English Skills, you will learn English by playing in a pleasant way, without theoretical lessons, just by practicing English in a fun way.

The game offers educational content for three learning levels:

- Beginner
- Intermediate
- Advanced


- Hangman: Find the hidden word.
- Word Search: Learn new vocabulary by searching for the proposed words
- Word Order: Put the words in order to form sentences correctly
- Definitions: Prove you know the meaning of thousands of words in English
- Use of English: Grammar and spelling questions to practice your English knowledge.


- Educational and fun
- Gradual learning with different levels
- Learn new vocabulary
- Completely free game
- For students of all ages
There are certain subjects such as science, geography, etc., where the subject can be easily understood from color photographs or videos. Without these images and drawings, it is very difficult to understand the topic. You can easily find great videos on topics such as geography and astronomy on YouTube and other sites, which will improve your understanding of the topic and greatly assist you in solving the questions. STD 6 – E-CONTENT

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