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Thursday 7 July 2022

Best Free Speech to Text Software for Android, Windows and iOS

 Best Free Speech to Text Software for Android, Windows and iOS

Here is the list of best free and paid speech to text software for windows, android, ios, mac, iphone along with the download links

In the workplace, organization is crucial for success. The quicker you can  create results, the more you can focus on  up great the more  planned ficture of your work.  thought, physically  copy audio recordings, personal notes, verbal brainstorming ideas, and other  file is a  boring and time-absorb task that severely  effect the level of brainpower you can apply to other activities. Fortunately, there exists technology by the name of speech to text software. It allows you to type without your handsQ and use your voice to create  file . In this article, we discuss the best speech to text software available today in various categories of machine learning solutions.

 some Best Free Speech to Text Software List

Here is the list of our top  some picks for the best free speech to text applications available on the internet.

1) Converse Smartly

We  added Converse Smartly in this list of the best free speech to text software because of its powerful and strong technology. It can quickly and  currently  transfer any audio stream to text including dialogue or discourse from team meetings, conferences, interviews and seminars. It  authorized organisations and individuals to work faster and smarter with greater accuracy.

Created by Folio3, the primary aim behind Converse Smartly is to increase the workflow efficiency of any organisation. The app uses advanced speech recognition technology based on the IBM Watson Speech API and the Natural Language Processing ToolKit and is one of the best text to speech software with natural voices. Top features include:

– Speech Analysis

– Text Analysis

– Summary Generation

– Perform sentiment analysis

– Generate word cloud from input speech and writing

– Identify key entities and themes during speech or conversation

– Live Audio Transcription

– Detect multiple speakers

– Spot keywords

Compatibility: Any device with an internet connection, browser and internet connection

Price: Free trial version

Demo Link:

2) Microsoft Dictate

Microsoft’s Dictate is here to prove that the even best text to speech software can be free and be just as good as premium software. Created by Microsoft depot(a division of the company where employees get to work on their ideas as projects), this feature-rich application boasts the same advanced speech recognition technology that powers the Microsoft Cortana Virtual Assistant.

Best Speech to text software

Dictate is baisically a Microsoft Office add-on and works well with Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can install it from the Microsoft store if you don’t already have it pre-installed with a copy of Microsoft 365. Once installed, you can access it through the “Dictation” tab that shows up in the top right of the Ribbon toolbar. The app supports voice commands for most standard operations such as typing or editing text, moving the cursor to a new line and adding punctuations either manually or automatically.

Further more, the app offers   feature such as visual feedback to specify that it is processing speech input. Microsoft dictates also supports dictation with real-time translation 60 different languages. Microsoft Dictate is compatible with Office  sort 2013 and above and works well with Windows  sort 8.1 and above.

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