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Saturday 2 July 2022

Best Student Credit Cards in India

 Best Student Credit Cards in India


 As a student in India, you can  again put in for an  unconventionally Credit Card or an Add-On card with the help of your father or mother. A Credit Card can help you meet your financial  condition with ease. Student Credit Cards is not an alien idea in India and many students actually invest in a Credit Card to meet their needs with benefit & speed.

 thought, there are great differences between spending habits and  acquire power of a student and a working  executive.  Therefore, the best of the Credit Cards in India may not be the ideal picks for students. For, a condition of a student is notable different from that of a person on payroll.

How can a student in India  obtain a Credit Card?

As we broach above, the  acquire power and the  condition of a student, are very  variation from a working  executive . Hence, the    ability basic basic for a Student Credit Cards in India are  rather different from regular card candidate.

If you are a college going student and above the age of 18, you are able to get a Credit Card for students with no income;  thought, there are some pre- requirement that you need to fulfill to get agreement for the Credit Card for students with no credit history.

1. You should have a good fixed deposit:

Being a student, the card provide company doesn’t expect a stable income proof from you.  thought , if you have a Fixed Deposit on your name, you can get the Credit Card based on this FD account. So whether you are a student who has no income or credit history, or may be working part time, or work of once'choise for non  gain causes, you can be  capable for a secured Credit Card against Fixed Deposit.

2. A good savings account:

obtainable only to select customers form  sure banks. If you have a good  rendition Bank Account, you can easily get a student Credit Card based on this Savings Account. You need not have a record of monthly income to  aid Students’ Credit Card. You can  aid an Instant Credit Card if you have a savings account with the Bank. The conclusion is  only based on your connection with the bank. The bank will incur a background check and  accept the  appeal if you have been a valued customer of the bank.

3. Having an add-on card:

You can get a student Credit Card by asking one of your family members with a Credit Card to  appeal for an Add-On Credit Card. An important  part here is that the family member who is  appealing for an Add-On Card should have a good credit  antiquity. 

Now that you know the  requirement to Get a Student Credit Card in India, here are the  file you will need to  apint as a proof to get your Credit Card:

Birth certificate

College ID

PAN Card (if available)

Proof of  apartment (Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport)

Passport size photograph


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