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Friday 15 July 2022

Top 5 wheat producing states in India: Facts and Figures

  Top 5 wheat producing states in India: Facts and Figures 

India is a country that is primarily based on agriculture for its economic development. Initially, humans started reproducing food for their consumption. Gradually they started storing and also commercialising the food.

One of the important grains to be produced in the country is wheat, taken for its goodness of rich fibre and carbohydrate.

1.Uttar Pradesh:

UP is one of the top wheat-producing states of India. It is situated at the river basin highly fertile Ganges.

The state produces up to 300.010 lakh net tons of wheat. The wheat is grown in more than 96 lakh hectares of Land in the state.


It is the land of five rivers, making it the best land for agricultural work.

The states have about 40 lakh hectares of land for cultivation out of which wheat is cultivated in more than 35 lakh hectare of land.

The state produces up to 164.720 lakh net tons of wheat.


 Located in the northern region of the country, this state is famously known for its huge production as well as consumption of wheat.

They cultivate about 116.30 lakh net tons of wheat in the state in an area of 25 lakh hectares all over the state.

4.Madhya Pradesh:

The Sanchi Stupa a famous pilgrimage of Buddhism

It is one of the states that make it to the list of top wheat producing states in India.

With a production of 76.271 lakh net tons of wheat. The major regions in MP that comprise wheat production are Shore, Hoshangabad, Vidisha and many more.


Rajasthan the state of royalty, kings and queens. Surrounded by the beautiful ranges of Aravalli ranges.

Even with a large part of the state being covered in the desert it qualifies as one of the top five wheat producing states in the country.

The state produces about 72.145 lakh net ton of wheat per year. The state contributes 8 per cent of the state's total wheat production.





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