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Wednesday 6 July 2022

We Ranked 6 Best Free Dating Apps For Indians 2022

 We Ranked 6 Best Free Dating Apps For Indians 2022

Dating is an anthropological, social coduct, not primarily between Indian people;  therefor, the digital  epoch has given rise to some build best dating apps, and they are not wrong.  it spent in to, there are around 31 million Indian users on  dating apps, and in those, 67 per cent are only men. This makes India the second-largest market for dating apps. In  inclustion , a report published by IndianExpress states that there is a certain amount of surge in the usage of dating from the Tier 2 cities, preliminary because of the pandemic.

So, if you’re one of those humans, who’s looking for the best free dating app for Indian people, then, I guess, you’re at the right place. Let’s get your valentine day  classify.

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 1. Bumble

Rising to fame, Bumble might be my favourite dating app of all time. I  obtain it; you’re coming from Tinder or Happn. However, if you’re fed up with fake profiles and  unnecessary strike, then bumble has got your back. This sweet dating app has a yellow-yellow-give-me-hello vibe, and this might be the best free dating app for Indian folks.

Features I like:

Video calling


Three modes (Date, BFF, Bizz)

Women talk first

2. Hinge

Hinge is another dating app you can try if you want to look for a good match. I am saying this because of personal experience, though, I’m still not a big fan of dating apps, but it is fun sometimes.  human on the hinge are nice; I don’t know why… I also like the UI of the Hinge app; it has its own aesthetic, and it sort of invites you in, and that’s why this app made it to our list of best dating apps for Indians.

Features I like:

A unique user interface

Standouts section for featured profiles

You can like profile pictures and bio.

You can also drop comments on pictures and bios.

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3. Happn

I know you have heard about this app, and now you know that I have used this app as well. Here are my thoughts; from a user point of view, this app is excellent; it gets you connected to the people with who you have `paths. However, after the  prevent , going out has been trouble for everyone, and because of that, Happan put its primary feature on hold; it now works like Tinder. However, this feature is not gone, but somehow the app lost its magic. And that’s why it is in the third number of our best free dating apps for Indian list.

Features I like:

Share your  junstion cluster and get matched to people who you’re not able to notice every day.

A unique timeline feature that lets you find people on a map with whom you have crossed paths.


If you’re serious in life, the aisle is a dating app, probably in your mid-30s or 40s. Though I’m not good at relationship advice, I can drop a sarcastic comment here. The app has a friendly UI, and it certainly looks promising. You can drop a comment on the bio, story, or picture, and this helps in making an interaction with the person. You can also like a profile from another country or another city. Some apps have this feature for premium users only; however, here, it is free. This can be considered a worthy contender in the best dating app for India list.

Features I like:

Like profile from anywhere.

Concierge section, see handpicked best profile for you.

Like, comment on Photos and Stories.

5. Tinder

Tinder started the entire dating game; however, now they are lagging behind. This is not because of Tinder’s app policy or in-app feature; it is simply because there are several fake profiles on Tinder now. And Tinder doesn’t have a check to ensure its users are authentic or not. However, the app is excellent from an app point of view; it is still the best dating app outside India. So, do try this excellent dating app if you’re outside India.

Features I like:

Excellent App performance

Minimal ads

Extremely user friendly


6. Badoo

Badoo is a social network where you may meet new people and make new friends. This software is accessible in over 190 countries and 47 languages. This software has several features comparable to the Tinder dating app.

Using the Badoo dating app, one must first register with  details about your interests, preferences, and location. The app suggests dating people who have similar interests. You may even obtain a list of open dates near you. You may meet individuals locally, verify profiles (three-step verified), and video chat with them.


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