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Saturday 13 August 2022


   SHAADI.COM REVIEW 2022: BEST WEBSITE TO MEET LOCAL SINGLES is a dating and matrimonial site based in India. The company is less of a dating site and more of a matrimonial website. The name of the company suggests that it finds matches for marriage. The company has established itself well and boasts of 5 million marriages to its credit. The company is spread across many countries, including India, Australia, the UK, the US, Canada, and Singapore. The company is well known in India and is one of the largest online platforms for arranged marriages in India. The site’s concept is based on India’s culture, where the parents are an equal participant in finding a match for their children. Parents and their children can together find potential matches. It may sound unusual to people from the west, but it is a common practice in India. More than 70 percent of their subscribers come from India. was founded by Anupam Mittal in 1996 and has been successful in becoming one of the best matrimonial dating sites in India. It is not the site if you are looking for a casual fling. is for those who are done with casual relationships and are ready to settle down in their life finally.

Anupam Mittal started the company in 1996, intending to provide the modern-day solution route for arranged marriages. Since then, the company has not looked back and has risen through the ranks to become one of the best matrimonial sites in India. The ads of the company regularly come on television, and Indian households are well aware of it. Even though the primary market for the is India, it also has branches in outside countries. It has got around 150 centers spread across 87 cities of India. The company has been ranked the best matrimonial site by many websites and polls. It has a lot of experience since it was started way back in the 90s.

Sign Up Process. Is it easy here?

The registration process for is straightforward and straight. First, you have to open the sign up page. There you will be asked to pick your gender and the gender of your future partner. Then you have to provide a valid email id and create a password for your profile. The very next step is to choose your username. It is recommended that you keep your username simple. You can keep it catchy if you like. Once you are done with this, you have to provide some necessary personal information like age, location, etc. With this, you are done with your registration and ready to meet people through All of this will take less than 15 minutes. You won’t face any complication or problems while signing up as it is pretty straight forward.

Are the accounts real here? is very strict about brushing away fake profiles. The registration and verification process is rigorous, and there is little scope for you to find fake profiles on the website/app. Most of the accounts are real, and you should not worry about this aspect. The site is ideal for those people who want to have a long, meaningful relationship that will go till marriage and even after that. It experiences a lot of traffic and engagement, and thousands and millions of users are active at any given point of the day. It is not the site for you if you are looking for casual dates, as this site is mainly for ‘Shaadi’ or marriage. The majority of its members lie in the age gap of 25-30. Male members are present in the majority, with 75 percent male and 25 percent female members. Hence, female members can choose their partners from millions. The site has a plus side where they accept profiles of physically and mentally disabled individuals. The site is even open to HIV positive individuals. There is also a downside to their open-minded attitude. The site only promotes heterosexual marriages, and so there is no room for gay, lesbians, bisexuals, etc.

Website and mobile version has got its app that is compatible with both Android and iOS. The app is available in Google Play and App Store. The app is the best thing about It has a straightforward and sleek design that keeps it attractive and easy to use simultaneously. App developers have been successful in translating the features of the website efficiently into the app. The app has got the simple swiping feature that is present in all dating apps now. The app has a unique feature called ‘surprise me’ through which it provides you with potential matches when you shake your phone. The app runs smoothly but does not have anything new to offer compared to other dating sites.

Special Features has the following features that make it interesting and differentiates it from its users:

Smart Search

It is a feature where you can filter the search results with 24+ categories of filter. There are some different categories, like the person’s income, which makes this feature useful and desirable.

Who viewed my profile

You can know which user viewed your profile from this feature. It can be an excellent way to know which users are into you. There is a possibility that you like someone from this list. It creates a faster chance of making a match as the other person is most likely to accept your request since he/she viewed your profile.

Select Shaadi

It is like the premium membership of, where you have to pay a fee, and you will be provided with an advisor. You will also be provided with handpicked profiles and meet-ups with your matches.

Surprise Me

It is a type of marketing strategy to make the app more interesting for the user. This feature provides you with potential matches when you shake your phone.


There are multiple methods to search for your partner in There is an option of a quick search where you can search for your partner with filters like age, location, etc. There is also an option of Smart search for paid customers where they can use 24+ filter categories to find the right match for themselves. Then you can search for your partner in keeping your city or any other city as the radius. Users can search for their partners based on their profession. There is a separate section of exceptional cases where you can look for physically and mentally challenged people. You can look at the list of people who have viewed your profile and use that to find your match. Last but not least, there is a feature of swiping and surprise me as well.

How does work? has several search options through which you can find potential matches. You can shortlist profiles that you like and move the proposal forward. There is one problem with the site/app regarding communication with other users. Only premium users can make a message to other users. Free users can only reply to the message of premium users. Two free users will find it very difficult to start a conversation as there is no provision.

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