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Tuesday 20 September 2022

Here's The Recipe For Instant Mango Chutney:

 Here's The Recipe For Instant Mango Chutney:


Raw mango- 1

Sugar- 4 tablespoons

Rai (mustard seeds)- half teaspoon

Dry red chilli- 2

Jeera (cumin seeds)- half teaspoon

Dhania (coriander seeds)- half teaspoon

Salt- one teaspoon

Water- 1 cup

Refined oil- 1 teaspoon


Step 1. De-skin and deseed the raw mango and cut into medium-sized cubes. Keep aside.

Step 2. Take one dry red chilli, jeera and dhania and dry roast them together.

Step 3. Grind the masalas in a mortar and pestle coarsely. Coarse grinding gives texture to the chutney.

Step 4. Heat a pan with oil, add one dry red chilli and rai and fry till it crackles.

Step 5. Add the raw mango and sauté for half a minute.

Step 6. Add water and close the lid. Let it boil in medium flame. You may add more water if you want a runny consistency of the chutney.

Step 7. Add salt and sugar to it. The amount of sugar may vary according to the tanginess of the mango.

Step 8. Once mango pulps are boiled well, mash them with the ladle and switch off the flame.

Step 9. Add the ground masala and mix them well. Rest the chutney till it cools down.

Do not store this sweet-and-sour mango chutney for more than a day. This chutney can also be used as a spread on bread, roti and paratha. Try this quick and easy chutney at home and add that zing to your meal. Bon appetit!

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