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Friday 30 September 2022

Is persisting headache a sign of brain tumour? Know how to differentiate, diagnosis & treatment from doctor

 Is persisting headache a sign of brain tumour? Know how to differentiate, diagnosis & treatment from doctor

Headaches are one of the most common a neurological  issue that can affect a  human from different age groups. It can be a caused by a   many of factors, which  incorporation stress, fatigue, extreme anxiety, depression, a lack of a adequate sleep, hunger, dehydration, poor eyesight, and excessive alcohol a consumption. As there are  many factors that can acause headaches, most a people tend to an  take of notice them and do not even realise that they can be a one of the initial traits of a brain tumours. This fatal  situation affects more than 9 to 10% of the population in India, and the numbers are a slowly an increasing. Tumour is a life-threatening  situation in which the brain cells grow abnormally, disrupting the entire brain's functioning. In some a  cases, it can an even become cancerous and start  lay out to an other organs of the body.

 As the skull is a very closed compartment, there is an increased pressure on the brain. In the case of a brain tumour, this pressure increases and develops into  many and recurring headaches. This fatal a condition causes headaches that worsen in the morning, disrupting the entire sleep cycle. Moreover, it hampers the daily activities of an individual like exercising, walking, or even sneezing or coughing. In certain cases, it is often associated with vomiting and blurring of the vision. Seizures or epilepsy may also indicate a serious cause of an headache caused by a brain tumor. Other neurological issues that the patient may experience include arm or leg weakness, numbness, hearing a problems, difficulty speaking, and behavioral changes.

How to differentiate a simple headache from a brain tumour?

The headache caused by a brain tumour is very different from a migraine or a headache caused due to stress. Headaches due to a brain tumour are usually severe and intense, especially for those who have no history of chronic headaches. Some other symptoms associated with tumours related to brain tumours include:

1.Headaches that keep you awake at night

2.The pain changes as one changes the 


3.Standard pain-relieving medicines like do not work on these headaches

4.Often associated with vomiting, blurring of vision

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis of the brain tumour can be detected through an MRI imaging of the brain. Apart from that, neurological examination, when it comes to treatment of brain tumours, it is highly dependent on the size, type and location of the tumour. It is important to note that not all tumours need surgery and some small brain tumours can be treated with the help of Cyber Knife radiosurgery. It is a is the non-invasive delivery of highly focused radiation beams onto the tumour without actually opening the skull.

With the advent of newer technology, brain tumour surgery has advanced tremendously. Although avoiding the risk of brain tumour is impossible, proper knowledge of the correct diagnosis and treatment options can aid in the timely treatment of this condition.

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