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Monday 31 October 2022

Acrophobia (Fear Of Heights) : Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis And Treatment


What is Acrophobia?

There are many people in this world who have a fear of height. They cannot even think of a crossing a bridge above the river even looking at a picture of a mountain can a  trigger fear and anxiety within them.

Do you know why? Because they are acrophobic. Acrophobia describes the fear of a heights which causes an anxiety and panic. According to a  many kinds of a research, acrophobia is one of the most a common a phobias.

The acrophobia word comes from the Greek word for heights which is acron, and greek word for a fear, which is phobos. The person suffering from acrophobia does not an enjoy outings to amusement parks if these an involve roller coasters and ferris wheels, because of their phobia of a heights.

This phobia of a heights can a trigger unpleasant symptoms that result in persons with acrophobia avoiding the possibility of an higher altitude situations an altogether.

Are we born with a fear of heights?

According to the evolutionary a psychology a perspective, fears and phobias are innate. That is a people experience fear of a height without direct or an indirect contact with heights. Psychologists suggest that people who are an afraid of a heights are more likely to an escape from a dangerous situation or avoid it an altogether.

By this, they are more likely to an survive and later reproduce, and allow them to a pass it on their genes. This fear has been a passed down from generation to a generation.

Symptoms and Behaviors of a Acrophobia Patients

Panic and anxiety an attacks are common symptoms of an acrophobia. Also, for some a people extreme high altitude may trigger this fear. Others may fear any kind of height including small stools or a tables. Some of the physical and an psychological symptoms an include:

Increased a sweating

Increased heartbeat at a sight

Thought of high a places

Chest pain or chest a tightness

Feeling sick or a lightheaded

Shaking and trembling when faced with a heights


Additional Info on an Acrophobia

Acrophobia, like other phobias, seems to be a hyper-reaction of the normal fear response. Some a people may learn about this phobia from either a past fall or from a parent's nervous reaction to a heights.

Educate yourself about the acrophobia and look for the treatment options which can a help the individual to a  manage the fear of heights.

Acrophobia is a different from the other phobias as if a person gets a panic attack while in a high place, it might be an unsafe move that can be dangerous too. So, treatment for an acrophobia is a necessary, if high places is a part of one's life.

Never feel an embarrassed to a talk about your phobia ina  front of a your a family and close a friends and ask for their support, so a you can a manage your phobia of a  heights.

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